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It’s Will Weatherly here and welcome to my WP profit tent reviews so what I’d like to do and this review is have a quick look at my written review here head over to the sales page and then give you a quick demo of this wordpress

Plugin and then return to my blog here have a look at the OTO s the one-time offers as well as the bonuses that I put together for those of you who pick up WP profit tent through my link now what is WP profit tent well this is a new

WordPress plugin by rick gwen and david williams it goes live Sunday March 15th at 11 a.m. EST and so as I mentioned this is a wordpress plugin that’s going to allow you to transcribe YouTube videos into a blog post so that you

Don’t have to research any of the content yourself you’re going to get automatic content and I’m familiar with this type of tool and I’ve used it in the past and I tend to think that they sometimes are a little bit buggy and

They don’t work and so what i’ve been i’ve been playing around with this one and i really like it because it’s got some really cool features such as being able to put in Creative Commons videos of course that you take you can take

Other videos you can take images and then they have spinner tools one free version and then integrated with three page spinner tools so what are the pros and cons of this tool well as I mentioned you’re going to get the content essentially done for you you’re going to get stock images and you’re

Going to be able to do blogging without having to do the typical research that goes into a blog post so one of the things that is a con of this tool and just about all the others that I’ve seen but yes definitely all the others that

I’ve seen that are similar is that you don’t get any kind of training on how to rank your videos and how to choose keywords so what I’ve done in my bonuses is I’ve really made up for this by giving you a full tutorial arsenal of

Ranking your blog posts and then also I’ve got another way that you can monetize non-english blog posts because I forgot to mention you can be able to translate this into just about any language that you want and so how are

You going to monetize a non-english speaking post well I’ve got a way for you to do that so that is my bonus number two we’re gonna get back to my bonuses later what I want to do now is have a quick look at the sales page and

The headline is handy post builder plug-in produces winning content from YouTube at a push of a button so works in any niche yes-no content writing I’ll talk about that in a bit creates unique content yes dedicated and ongoing support no technical knowledge required so as we go through the demo you’re

Going to see that you’re not going to have to create the content in terms of research the content but you are going to need to edit the content for it to be the most readable possible so here are some testimonials and some more

Information about the product and about Rick and David Rick is a well-known reviewer in the internet marketing space and he has a site called Glen review and then David Williams is the owner of hooda review and these guys both rank

Very well for product reviews so they’re very established and they very much know what they’re doing as far as running a blog so this is a really good tool this is one of the best that I’ve seen of the of this type of tool because it has so

Many features and so many integrations which are going to get into now so let’s go ahead and have a look at the at the demo here so when you’re in the backend of your WordPress site once you have it installed you’re

Simply going to enter your keywords so let’s put in make money online fast and then we’re gonna sort by creative comments not relevance relevance is going to give you videos that are on YouTube that are just related to this

Search term but what we’re going to want to do is take a Creative Commons video which means that we can use it for ourselves and then transcribe it and have it transcribed into a blog post for us so that’s what this tool is going to

Do how many videos let’s just do five and then see how this turns out okay so here we go with some YouTube videos that we can choose from okay so this is let’s see here we’ve got this one which is Tai Lopez but it’s Creative Commons you can

Use this one if you want you’ve got a John Chris Donny also a Creative Commons video let’s go ahead and take this one right here where we can transcribe the video if you want to check the video you can do that just watch the video to make

Sure it’s something you want to transcribe so let’s go ahead and transcribe now okay so as you can see here we have the ability to put in images and we’re going to have an automatic title which you’re not going to want to use right away

Because you’re going to want to do some research and in my bonus I’m going to show you how to find the best titles for your blog posts so that they’ve rank it’s very important to get the right keywords for your blog posts okay so as

You can see here we’ve got these images over here where you can go ahead and click on them throughout the post and then we have a word count here of 1243 which isn’t too bad too many so and you’re also going to have some of these

Options already set up for you here for categories so everything is pretty much set up ready for you to go you’re gonna have Yoast SEO over here which is great so what I wanted to now just show you the way in which you can go ahead and

Take out some of the material that you’re not going to need now this is true pretty much with all YouTube videos the beginning of video is going to be promotional content for the most part very rarely does anyone on YouTube get

Right into what they’re talking about they’re setting up a pre frame for what they’re actually selling so let’s go ahead and get rid of all of this stuff here and then you can see what the content is so this relates to the blog

Post so this is the content that you want how to make money fast and the first one is babysitting and then she goes into number two so what you would do is you can set this as an h2 tag right here if you’d like

Just put heading number two for each of these you could put babysitting dog-walking number three uber driver number four so you would just simply go ahead and then just stylize this the way that you want you can bold them you use them as a heading and then you would

Just need to go ahead and edit this so this kind of tool gives you a big advantage because you don’t have to create the content yourself but you do really have to go through it and make sure that the content is readable so

Knowing that the beginning and the end of the use of most YouTube videos is promotional you can just go ahead and get rid of these last couple of last couple of sentences so so whenever I hope this video right and so that’s the

Way you want to do it it’s usually going to be the middle content which is what you want okay so you’re also going to be able to spin the content as I mentioned you’re going to get a free inbuilt spinner spinner and then you’re going to

Get three spinners which are paid tools which are integrated here so I use personally I use spin rewriter for my backlinking so this is something that I go into in my one of my bonuses and then you’re going to be able to take some of

This content right here let’s go ahead and just you can take all the content here just for this example I’m going to highlight this and then I’m going to change it from source English from English to another language and one that

I can my best second language is Spanish so let’s go Spanish my rusty Spanish there we go so then just hit translate content okay so you can see the portion that I highlighted or actually it’s all in Spanish now okay so I thought I would

Highlight it but there you go you can you can get it right into Spanish and in my in my one of my bonuses I show the way that you can monetize non-english-speaking content which we’re going to get to in a bit a

Couple other things to go over here you’re going to have settings right here Changez no let’s just go ahead and leave the content okay so this in your settings you’re going to integrate your spinner tools here they have best spinner word AI and spin rewriter and then you can also integrate with

Facebook and Pinterest and so that is pretty much it there’s a couple of other things here as well and they’re going to have some training for you so they’re going to be you’re going to be aware of what you need to do this is pretty

Simple and straightforward the key thing to remember here is that you’re going to want to take the most relevant content and stylize that and formulate it the way that you want I should mention too that you’re going to have okay so my OTO number one is let’s see here

OTO number one is WP profit tenth pro and this is going to speed up the site development and here you’re going to be able to automatically search niche based videos and transcribe them into text format and finally submit to your

Website OTO number two is WP profit tenth dfy sites and here the vendors are going to do the hard work for you just grab it ready to go site and start profiting oto number three is profit on dfy sites club and here you’re going to

Get one done for you sites files per month and then oto number four is the business toolkit and then with this upgrade you’re going to be able to get a package of the following assets which help you succeed online twenty powerful plugins forty done for you contractor videos two hundred

Customizable logos premium banner premium stock video collection agency rights and included so of these what I would suggest going for if you’re going to pick up any of them is the profit ten Pro because it’s just going to give you more power with your sight so you’re also

Going to get these developer rights which are very valuable and so this is the one that I recommend now as for my custom bonuses my bonus number one is how to find the right keywords to rank your blog post this is really important

Because this tutorial is going to show you how to find the perfect keyword to rank your blog posts without having to do a lot of work so this is a really important aspect of blogging okay number two how to monetize non-english

Blog posts so as I mentioned you have the ability to go ahead and translate these into the translate that’s transcriptions into any language that you want and so this is going to show you how to monetize that a bonus number three advanced backlinking strategies and this is a newly updated step-by-step

Tutorial which i’ve updated about a month ago where i show you how to get high quality backlinks to your website bonus number four or how to identify the best and fastest WP theme and how to find out about the theme your competitors are using bonus number five ultimate vault of high converting swipes

And this is a large number of swipes and headlines that you can use for any niche bonus number six avalanche list building bonus seven the nine profit pillars bonus eight list profits exposed bonus nine seventeen email cash hacks bonus ten sales funnel funnel mastery and bonus eleven popcorn

Products evolution you’re also going to get these additional premium bonuses three thousand leads in 30 days gorgeous themes lightning fast video ranking bold page builder zero product creation and then you’re going to get all of the vendor bonuses which consists of more WP wordpress plugins so that is

What you’re going to get when you pick up WP profit tent through my link now if you are on my blog what you can do is go ahead and click this button here where it says get WP profit tent and all relevant bonuses that’s going to take

You to the sales page and then when you check out all of these bonuses we’ll be waiting for you now if you are on YouTube you can go ahead and click the link in the description that’s going to take you to the sales page and then when

You check out all of these bonuses again we’ll be waiting for you so I want to thank you for watching this WP profit tent review look forward to seeing you in the next review

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