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The only real, hype-free WP Autorewriter review from a real customer who has access to the WP Auto Rewriter review from the product…

Hey guy this is no joke Aloha and welcome to smoke press Auto rewriter review and demo videos I already have a wordpress Auto rewriter review accessed from from a product creator and today I post this videos as a way to show you exactly what is WordPress Auto rewriter and houseless WordPress Auto rewriter

Works exactly so basically this is a wordpress Bookmans that allows you to spin a content and it can spin content in various language like English ducks Germans French Italian Spanish Portuguese Romanians and Turkish and you have a concept thing okay so it’s everybody API said thing so by default

You can use the API directly from the WordPress Oh to rewrite the software or in some case you can use orders external software so if you use external software I only recommend some eyes and a spin rewriter as they are the best software okay so is definitely the best but also

The most expensive one and it has a place from and it’s just placed here you can manage the synonym so this is a very cool feature so for XE new name its who have multiple keyword balance so with a it was a various she work variants from here so

You have freedoms to when we write the post so to help you understand so these are some examples here named vitamin C this is a big so a public close materials familiar well nuns were recognized so this is the workers from unum multiple buyer and as you can see so

This came to provide four years a makeup content become writable and it can also check that is the content unique on internet or not so you can you can avoid spamming and so you can make a unique content on Google so currently so to help you understand where I will copy

Past summer contents from Men’s Journal block and then I will copy it from Dom okay and pass to my website to show you an example on how app work so I will copy and I pass the entire article so I have only a copy it’s okay so I click on

OK click on a rewrite a post so now as I need to waste and it’s helped also help I will press Auto rewriter with an SEO version so you can provide an SEO spasms so this journeys been um but Orozco cow okay so I so as you can see is have all

This has been attacked so you can in one click you can update content Aneta so now it’s different so I smooth is to a strike so you can see of course you can still protect some so what we don’t want to be a little bit Slam okay so I will press auto SEO so it can optimize your SEO and it can also check for duplicate content so this can count is that the content to be unique on the Internet so very simple for awesome from here I passed for this one

So this is the subs preview so so you don’t need to have your cell you don’t need to have rings Matt okay but if you have stay okay so I guess ting aye okay at categories so this is just an example for me to show you is that we are how

We’ll press Auto rewriter works when you spin this course so it can check out if the content is unique or not on the Internet as you can see from here okay it’s an excluded mayonnaise or includes any order or domain name another powerful features from the product creator is the WordPress auto content

Software so what we’ll press out the content software you can create you can optimize content creation on the press website and then you will you use WordPress Auto rewriter as well to spin this content so this means you can you get unlimited automatically everything from press auto rewriter I have I

Already set up with our news API send one signal and you can easily add a new sources from RSS feed or you can ask from the customize content sources so I have already asked some OSS feed okay so I good on add new OSS fits from here and

You can also – content creation so SEO also be on also meticulous on drop or automatically replace this is depend you so you can provide your asset stream URLs or do anything else you want so I will choose a boxing insider like use drop

And I use this card so I click on sex RSS sources so it’s fast and simple so this means they can create automatically final content for you so oppressed out later is and compress out content and also swill press out to SEO a great combination for those who want to have

Some free traffic from social media or make money with Google asan or to you know to get her some free SEO traffic okay so you can see the or you know all the other calls the senior name they are using as when say so they have always

Been a single Texas no synonym and then in a spin tax um and then you can read right of course you would violent you can easily squid tank okay so to whatever you like so this is the new sources and you can where you can add content to stream to make it

Automatically so when you have an automatic police set up so you get you also access content and after you how to access the content you can want quickly dries what press how to rewrite the software as you can see when I will make a dude rice and you can see is that

Layers writable so revo is one of the most important stuff from here because if you are spin a some Kayaba poor articles or some content that is not writable so you would not get a good SEO result so this is where I will press Auto rewriter is your hero so this is

Very important for you to understand from where okay and I have a you possible press auto rewriter from here and I strongly recommend you to take your time reading this post to understand exactly how press Auto rewriter works so this is the sample from a software so during this lon

Price is going to be the new €1 or €22 and uh and so you get unlimited a website says okay so you can dollar from your website and you can okay and you can optimize the process so I have already create some free content and of course it’s welcoming so nowhere it

Doesn’t work for you and remembers that not up to night language support for the spinning so if means you can target more traffic at the same time okay so and easy super lows one-time price so you can buy it the upset one is going to be

The pro version so you can access the API in configuration and you will get access here to press team as a bonus and you access a hotspot a spinning API and with a commercial license so what a commercial license you will you will not scare about so you can do this for

Learning and SEO NC server ok absolute to Facebook but Oh to SEO of the tree is who press Auto content ok at the same price and the last up service reseller license but our reseller lesson here mins awfully good custom 100% Commission front of another cows and 52% for the

Entire phone no and times for taking a Tom watching this video and if you purchased will press Auto rewriter throw anything from this pie or anything from my YouTube description you get a deck accessed to my custom pollicis ask this product and so on save ezel so I’ll see you why you will

Get a back not like and here there’s some premium and high-quality bonus I can guarantee you they can supposed to online business after you I will press Auto rewriter and if you want even more bonus from me feel free to talk so I can provide for use more bonus as you want

And thanks again for taking your time watching this videos and if you like this video don’t forget to hit like button subscribe to my youtube channel and feel free to share this with your friend bye

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