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Have you heard of cryptex pro mode well let’s find out about it the shinier thanks for taking time out of your day to watch this video I really appreciate it so today we’re gonna look into the latest update of the cryptex minor also it’s against a twin video for my free

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You watched a couple of my latest videos I’ve done some updates on nice hash Kudo minor and here we are with cryptex now cryptex has really been hard at work lately with their minor they’ve gone with a pro mode that is pretty cool-looking we’ll go ahead and we’ll

Check that out here in a minute but cryptex is one of my minors in the minor Cup series which will actually the first video on that will be out this Friday and it’s gonna be nice hash verse cryptex nice hash is already done with their spot and I have cryptex running

Right now so without further ado we’re gonna hop into the computer we’re gonna check cryptex out the latest updates and features and then of course I’m going to show you guys how to enter this week’s Bitcoin Fridays so let’s go ahead and check out what cryptex has been up to

All right so here we aren’t cryptex as usual everything I’m talking about will be down below this video so don’t worry about looking for any of this information just a brief overview cryptex mines cryptocurrency and pays you bitcoins or real world money via dollars or any other currency so let’s

Go ahead and look over news latest version 4.4 is zero we have integrated the cryptex a configuration of extra arguments for miners no more BIOS flashing or using third-party software and it just gives you an idea of a Radeon rx 580 hash rates stocked overclocked after BIOS and after cryptex

Update that’s going to be eating 31 to 34 mega hash which is pretty good on in RX 580 I did notice when I downloaded and updated to the latest version the cryptex that they do have a set up and ready to go for Kapow at least that’s

What it looked like one of the miners it was downloading so that’s good to know as you guys know Kapow Is the new algorithm that Raven corn will be going to and it’s supposed to be going there on mate six which should be today as this video is being released I’ll probably be doing an update on that so be on the lookout for that video one more thing I wanted

To point out about triptychs is they gonna have their own pool mining pool so I thought that was kind of neat we decided to open our blazingly fast pool technology for public use and you can just enter your email there and click notify me so when they’re

Ready to go you can go ahead and hop on there mining pool alright so let me go ahead and log in here real quick alright so once you’re logged in you’re just gonna scroll down to the left hand side here click download cryptex and it will download the latest version of the miner

4.40 I’ve gone ahead and put it on my Nvidia rig which is right here as you can see it’s running now dollar 83 per day gross still got the bare-bones version of the miner but if you go ahead and you click this little Settings button right here you can go ahead and

Click this new little tab called promo and it will actually pop up with this promo version of the miner and it’s more just more aesthetically pleasing it gives you the readouts of the cards unlike the other little version of the miner the like mode type version it’s

Not really like mode with this the basic mode of the miner just just looks a little nicer on the eyes at least as far as I’m concerned as you can see you can switch to pro mode and it’s going to go ahead and start up again and we’ll

Probably get back to about a dollar 83 a day you go back over to the dashboard let me go ahead and click on refresh as you can see I just started running the latest version and of course it shows you how many Satoshi’s you might etc

Come balance and it just shows you more pertinent information the corn exchange rate etc and I like looking at the hardware it just shows you what kind of cards you got the hash rates what it’s mining dagger Hashimoto right there 115 mega hash and of course kryptonite are on the

CPU gives you the wattage fan speeds temperature the cards things of that nature so it’s a pretty pretty solid little minor but as I said in previous video the only knock on cryptex is it’s not something you don’t want to mine with short-term and pull out your Bitcoin it’s got a pretty high

Withdraw fee so you’re gonna want to let your miners run for I would say at least a month to make it worthwhile because it is a pretty hefty withdrawal fee and if you look down here at the bottom benchmarks this gives you what the miner went ahead and benchmark so head back

Over to the rig should be done now a dollar eighty to a day which is not too bad on that rig so that’s the latest version of cryptex I thought he was kind of neat that they at least Pier to be on the surface ready for the compound

Launch here in a couple days so overall it’s good to see that cryptex and their team is constantly updating their miner unlike something like a honey miner I even tried to run that earlier and it actually shut down my Nvidia rig a couple times I didn’t even know if honey miner really

Works too well anymore I’m not going to be entering in this miner Cup series because it just kept crashing my rig well like I said it’s nice to see cryptex and these other miners keeping tabs keeping their miner up-to-date and actually plan on pulling up cryptex and

Running it on my AMD on wednesday because the kapow algorithm is supposed to be good for handy cards as well so I’m really interested to see how that is going to actually work on my AMD rig so that’s cryptex in a nutshell any questions or comments be sure to put

Them down below now let’s go ahead and hop over to my website and I’ll show you guys that enter this week’s Bitcoin Fridays All right so here we are in the crypt of fish calm as I say every time make sure you enter your email address right there click Subscribe YouTube doesn’t always notify you guys in my interest to win videos that come out every week this is just another way for me to get in

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Below as well so don’t worry about that as usual every time you’ll have a couple days into the contest and then I’ll go ahead and pick a winner this Friday so all you got to do is answer a question correctly there’s really only one right answer it’s a no-brainer

Once you answer the question you’ll have to enter your name and email address verify that email address and then come back over to the website where you can get additional entries into the contest by falling down various social media and this week you’ll be able to click a link

Go over and check out cryptex and you get an additional entries for doing that if you guys did happen to miss my nice hash and kuno minor update videos be sure to check them out any additional questions or comments be sure to put them down below and I’ll

Definitely get back to you I want to thank you guys for watching today and I will see you in the next one take care You

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