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Aujourd’hui, je vais vous montrer comment j’apprends avec chatgpt français en écrivant notre propre histoire de Noël. Une grande partie de cette vidéo sera…

Once upon a time in Middle-earth at Christmas time the snow covered the whole landscape with a white blanket a white blanket still a white blanket the chimney fires crackled in the houses and the smell of biscuits Christmas was floating in the air. However, the peace of this

Christmas night was disturbed by a strange noise that echoed in the woods. The hero of this story, an intrepid intrepid warrior named Aragorn, decided to go in search of him, still not letting not letting fear « make him lose his mind » « make him lose his mind »

The expression make him lose his mind means to make you lose your temper or make you lose your cool very interesting perfect perfect OK [Music] yes in this story the hero is called Aragorn and he is inspired by characters of Aragorn in Lord of the Rings

In this Christmas story Aragorn is portrayed as a fearless warrior who isn’t afraid to go in search of a strange noise in the woods even though it can be dangerous. The fact that the text mentions that fear won’t make him lose his mind suggests

That Aragorn is a character who knows how to keep his calm and his self-control in difficult or stressful situations the chimney fires crackling in the houses and the smell Christmas cookies floating in the air the chimney fires is the subject of the sentence. It is a masculine plural, so the verb that

Follows it « crackled », must be conjugated in the plural in the houses is a preposition which indicates the place where the chimney fires are the smell of Christmas cookies Aragorn s’quipa of his sword and shield before setting off for the woods. He moved forward cautiously knowing that dangers could be lurking in the darkness

As he approached noise he heard a faint, shaky voice calling for help. Aragon followed the path to a clearing where he found an orbit being attacked by a dark and menacing creature. Without hesitation, Aragorn threw himself on the aggressor and fought him with bravery knowing that he had to protect

The innocent at all costs the innocent at all costs thanks to his skill in combat and his determination Aragon succeeded in… thanks to his skill in combat and his determination Aragon succeeded in defeating the creature and saving the Hobbit, the grateful one offered him a Christmas cookie in thanks

And Aragorn accepted with pleasure, happy to be able to share a moment of comfort with his new friend . Together they returned to Aragorn’s house, yes they spent together they returned to Aragon’s house, where they spent the rest of the evening exchanging

Stories by the roaring fire, while the snow fell gently outside. ‘outside. cost what cost « Cost what cost » means « at any cost » or « whatever the cost » it is an expression and used to express the idea that one is ready to make efforts or to take significant risks to achieve a goal

Or to achieve something important. It can be used in different ways, for example ah it can be used in different ways for example: « I want to pass my exam at all costs » or « we must save this animal at all costs »

Aragorn and the hobbit spent a pleasant evening near the fireplace, but they were soon interrupted by the sound of heavy footsteps approaching the house. Aragorn leaps to his feet and grabs his sword, ready to face a new foe. The door flew open and a horde of angry orks invaded the room. Aragorn fought

Bravely, but he was severely handicapped by the number and strength of these adversaries. As he was about to be defeated, a white lightning flashed out of nowhere and reduced the orks to ashes. The hobbit and Aragorn turned around, stunned, and saw a

White magician dressed in the immaculate robes who looked at them with an enigmatic smile. « I came to help you, my friend, » he said to Aragorn before disappearing as quickly as he had arrived. Aragorn and the hobbit looked at each other in disbelief, then turned towards

The door, ready to face new adventures that might await them on Christmas night. [Music] to pronounce enemy here are some tips the N and nasal that is to say that the area goes through the nose you have to place the accent on the first syllable and pronounce each letter in a distinct way

Enemy maybe like that Aragorn and the hobbit came out of the house and found themselves facing a scene of chaos. Orks invade the streets and terrorize the inhabitants. Aragorn and the hobbit set out to find a way to end this

Invasion. They pushed their way through the crowd, fighting the Orks at every step, until they reached the heart of the city. There they found a group of elves fighting against a horde of orks. Aragorn and the hobbit joined the battle and fought side by side with the elves, showing bravery and determination.

Thanks to their combat skills and their teamwork, they succeeded in defeating the orks and putting an end to the invasion. The townspeople thanked Aragorn and the hobbit for their bravery and devotion, and gave them a big Christmas party in

Their honor. Aragorn and the hobbit spent the evening eating, drinking and dancing, happy to share these moments of peace and joy with their new friends. In this story I have not given a name to the Hobbit who fights with Aragon.

I suggest you give him a name that you like and that suits his character. Here is some additional information about this Hobbit that might help you develop it and more. The Hobbit is a small, sturdy being from Middle-earth who loves the simplicity and tranquility of country life. He

Has a great appetite and a great passion for food especially especially for Christmas cookies which he likes to prepare and share with his friends although peaceful by nature the Hobbit knows how to defend himself and does not hesitate to take up arms when

The situation requires it, he is also very curious and likes to discover new things, which has often led him to experience unexpected adventures. The Hobbit is a loyal friend and a trusted companion who knows how to be generous and grateful to

Those who help him. You can use this information to create an interesting and well-developed character for your story, and give it a name that matches it The Hero, a fearless warrior named Aragorn

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