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Hi this is Glenn Barsky from Mac SEO tips calm and today I’m going to do a demo of article Forge and specifically the aspects of creating a new article in the last video I did I kind of went over all the menus and all the settings and

Stuff and it took 15 minutes so I’m going to try to be shorter here and just focus on generating a new article article Forge is a computer-generated article builder which can write up to 750 words of absolutely unique content embed links images and videos and create

A article ready to post and it can publish to WordPress sites as well so I’m going to get started to creating a new article and I want to do it about a logitech c910 I’m going to be very specific here you have to be careful if

You use too general of terms it’ll start including and incorporating some pretty strange stuff so be very specific with the keyword I want a very specific brand and model number of webcam for sub keywords I’m adding other Logitech webcam the 920 615 310 the conference can connect so that it may pull in

Related information about other Logitech webcam models I’m still staying tightly focused there’s a setting here for the quality and they call it money site filler is their best quality it can also do most variations I’m not that impressed with the quality of article so I always leave it set to the best the

Most readable possible and edit out anything I don’t like I can set the article link anywhere from a 50 word blurb up to 750 I tend to leave it at a long article length that gives me the most content to work with I have it set to add titles and section headings

Turned on it will randomly create an a few spun variations of titles and section headings when it creates the document you can optionally add an image you can set the probability of that happening I have it set to 100% so that it will include an image the images that

They use are from imager comm and will be embedded in the final thing you also have the optional to add a option to add a video and again I set that to 100% it will try to find a related Logitech webcam video to include in the document there’s an option here to replace

Keywords with links and I’ve turned that on and in addition to that this new box add keyword links replacement and what I’ve done is given it a list of keywords like webcam webcam r HD webcam logitech webcam etc so that when it encounters those words in the final document it

Will create a link to them and in the next section below since I own several webcam related websites I’ve added the domains there and deep links to a lot of the inner pages on several of those domains so I basically added about 18 different URLs that could possibly be

Anchored by the keywords chosen above as it encounters them in the documents I there’s an option to replace the title I don’t want the title to have a hard link in it you can use a placeholder a kind of a dummy word where the links would be

Inserted but I’m going to leave both of those off you can replace the first instance and I actually should have done that with the article I generated rather than all instances of a given keyword at encounters so by with only the first instance you’d end up with a couple of

Links likely within the document I had to replace all instances and I ended up with probably twenty or more links which is a lot to include in a single document um but you can choose whether whether you want the first instance of one of those words to be randomly assigned one

Of the URLs or all instances there’s an option to set article uniqueness and that’s turned on if that was off and I turned it on it would prompt me to enter my paid copyscape account so if you have a paid copyscape account article Forge can a double-check before it finalizes

The document and assure 100% uniqueness also if you have a word AI account which I don’t but if you did you can enter your email address and their API key and it would instead of just spinning the titles and the section headings or paragraphs you could actually do word by

Word spinning I don’t have a word AI account so I’ll leave that off and then you have the option to optionally post to a wordpress blog I have set up two wordpress blogs I could set the category that it’s under whether I want it to be draft or published I’m going to actually

Do that manually and at that point I would hit create new article back at the top it would process that and I’m going to switch windows to the final result and so here’s the article that article Forge generated Logitech webcam fundamentals explained and here we see

That it did in fact the word webcam has been turned into a link here’s another instance where the word webcam the word chat got turned into a link it included an image but in this case unfortunately it grabbed a Philips web camera and not the C 9:30 model in

Other versions of this article I’ve generated it did grab the correct model image of logitech webcam and here we see we have more paragraphs here’s one of the another section header and then additional ones and then at the very bottom it did make an excellent choice see 9:30 versus c920 a YouTube video

Comparing the two different models of webcams so that’s the final article that I ended up with and at this point I could go in and edit tweak it a little bit I could also publish it to WordPress if I so choose so that’s what you kind

Of end up with I did have it publish to my free wordpress blog I ended up modifying the title I redid and inserted the proper photo for the 930 model of webcam and went in and edited the text and some of the links slightly to change

Things so like there was a lot of linked words webcam so I changed it to webcam or HD webcam and that and tweaked it a little bit so I published it but then I went in and modified it slightly and now it’s live on the internet so in a

Nutshell here we are back at article forge when you create a new article be fairly precise and succinct with your primary keyword because by and large that’s what it will generate an article about again if you use sub keywords be really focused don’t use very general

Terms if I had you know use like web space camera I might end up with paragraphs or sentences about the web in general or about digital cameras or film cameras or stuff so note I always used webcam webcam webcam so there wasn’t any ability for article forge to misinterpret that start talking about

The web or about other kinds of campus um so that’s it in a nutshell you provide a set of topical keywords to write an article on I set the quality to the highest I set the article length lawn I told it to add titles and headings

I said include an image include a video 100% so all the time always include an image and a video I opted to replace keyword with links gave it a list of keywords that I wanted to be anchored I added a long list of not only my route domain

But sub pages on related websites all tied into webcams um you can choose if I had to do over I would replace just the first instance and I wouldn’t have ended up with quite so many links inside the document I opted to guarantee article uniqueness because I have a copy scape

Account and rather than automatically post to WordPress I chose to do it manually well that’s it in a nutshell this is just a slight demo of how to get article Forge to generate the kind of document that you want so that it’s usable at least for Tier one

Indefinitely for tier two link building that’s it from Glen Barsky visit my website at Mack SEO tips calm and for a free trial of article forge click and the link below in the description and give it a shot and try it for yourself alright bye

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