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We’re going to have a look at the pro version of spinach efj which currently is in beta and therefore is free so this is how to get it and then what to do with it once you’ve got it so this is the first interface you see when you

Click on spinach exe you need to click on start pro version click OK and the software connects to the server and you get this log into UI that says buy spinner chief obviously you’re not buying it because it’s not for sale you just put your name in here blah blah

Blah and put an email in here make sure it’s a real one because because you are going to get a verification email so you have to click on a link to verify and you pay McCord this is important this time you must use 1 2 6 1 2 3 4 5 6 and

Then you hit this log in register button that’s all you need to do remember to look for the email to verify and then you need to wait because we are authorizing the beta pro version by hand were authorizing manually so it may take a couple of hours but nevertheless it

Will get authorized and I will now pause this video and we’ll go into spinachy Pro to see what it can do ok this is the first screen you see when you first open spinach eve pro version you can either run the program directly a lot of

Projects or do what we’re going to do and create a new project I’ll click OK to that name of the project just three keywords keep it quite simple just to give you a clue description this is just for your purposes so you know what the projects

About create them and we’ll call it test three it’s created successfully now which thesaurus are we going to use well I’ll just load the default one because I want to show you something remember in the last video we showed how to create a thesaurus or put a password

On it so that nobody else can fiddle with it well that’s what I did with the default thesaurus so I’ve got to put the password in now which if you remember what was that and now I can use the thesaurus that shows you the security to stop which will stop people from editing

Your thesaurus and calling it their own Lester so you want this wants to be the default thesaurus of the project click yes to that this is for information only so we just closed that off and going to the software okay so this is the project here and all of the project settings are

In this tab so let’s just have a look here these are all the elements of the project that can be changed and saved thus they will be loaded back up whenever you load up a project so all of you protect words the hyperlinked uncle uncle words your resource box CSV

Variables if you use them and all of these Advanced Options you need it any time you make a change to any of these anywhere at all you’ll be asked if you want to change the project for example if I want to see 40 characters when I’m in sentence mode rather than 50

Immediately I must if I want to save that to the project so I’ll click yesterday and down here is your product affinity you want to change the name or the keywords that are involved or the description it’s all changeable it’s all editable that knits all makes it very

Powerful so if we go back to the write article in order to get an article going you have to create one so what you do is right click here and click create a new article you could import one of course but we’re going to create a new one

What’s the title of it let’s call it something like that do not deserve that yes we’ll send that to the project now where is the content coming from it’s coming from here we’re going to scrape some articles this is what you get with the pro version as well now it’s got all

Of the keywords listed in there from the project you don’t have to use those you may have others doesn’t obviously no others in this drop-down box but you could just type some in if you want it to that you can search for basically anything you want to I’m going to stick

With stay with all of the project keywords for that for this time around I’m going to go for five articles just so that I’ve got a choice you can get paragraphs of articles and put them all together if you want to try that personally I think it’s easier and

Simpler just to get an article and rewrite it so a number of words that means greater greater than or equal to 100 that’ll be fine so all I do is hit get articles and spin a chief goes off and gets us some hopefully nicely written ready-made articles ready for us

To rewrite based on these keywords at the top there’s the first one Oh lose weight and burn fat not necessarily what I was after let’s have a look and see what else it comes up with do you know how to gain muscle fast that sounds good build

Muscle and burn fat yeah that’s that’s where I’m coming from weightlifting routines basic rules you must know to build muscle up safely and how to lose fat build muscles fast okay let’s go for this one I like to sound off what I’m looking for here is strangely enough to

Make sure that the article doesn’t read like it’s already been spun by somebody because there’s nothing worse than trying to respond article so I’ll just click on that and that’s the article down here could you teach me how to gain muscle fast could you teach me how to

Pack on an extra ten to fifteen but yeah that sounds ok so I want to rewrite that so I’m going to send it to the Edit box just by clicking that button and if I drop down there there it is all ready to rewrite with the of course our favorite

Friend reciprocal super replace system now once you’ve rewritten the article which I won’t do cuz that’s not what this tutorial is about you may want to look at your keyword density which is in this tab here now at the moment it’s at 0 because it’s looking for all three

Together so it’s not gonna find any so you can just type your own in lift for example if just click add new and it gives the density straight away weights not point four five and muscles point two seven so you might want to change the density accordingly according to

What you think is the best SEO for that I’ll close that off currently that is what the pro version does there are going to be other features added to the pro version so please try it out put it to the test and give us the feedback on the forum thanks for watching this


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