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What if we could create an irresistible irresistible no-brainer offer that felt like we were giving them something for free but it we actually made money and sas is the solution hi everyone welcome to another episode of the high level spotlight sessions where we showcase awesome marketers doing awesome marketing today we are

Joined again by matt diceno of bam matt thanks so much for coming on the show thanks and actually today it’s matacino of hl pro tools um but yeah stoked to be here right right right right so that’s my bet we’re going to talk a lot about that today so don’t worry

Um matt came back on the show if you haven’t seen this previous episode did we do two already or one with you um the last one was about chatbots and um matt and his team are the king of uh the dialogue flowbots so if you guys are interested

In chat bots hit them up about that as well but today we’re talking about white labeled support and the reason we have mata to talk about white label support is because we’re heading towards sas mode right and um one of the big fears that i think we hear from customers when we start

Hyping up sas mode is hey this sounds this all sounds really awesome like i want i could totally hit the road and push this as sass to my industry but wait a minute what happens when they start asking questions about the software i you know it’s impossible for me to

Keep up like you guys push new features all the time this and that like i don’t think i feel comfortable selling it as my own software because i wouldn’t be able to answer all the questions and so you know white labeled support is something that we’re talking about

Internally and can we make that happen for people but the internet we usually give back right away is just hit up matt oh because they offer white labeled support for high level it’s really affordable right it’s like 200 bucks a month and uh um and it’s going really well

Right so tell me about this program matt yeah yeah for sure so the um the fun thing is we started with high level in january 2019. well i remember like when i was in the facebook group i remember the first year there was less than 200 people in that first month and

It was like a year later there was like 2 000. but the reason why we even got started with high level is we had an app we were building uh we were trying to have an alternative to scipio we like wanted texting we’re building stuff in twilio

And then we heard for someone was like you got to just check out high level so hopped in there and i was like oh this is a no-brainer so we were already coming from this perspective of like we wanted to sell software as a service that was the our

Background as an agency we were really good we knew um you talked to anybody in the agency space like talk to clients all the time and you’re always recommending something and uh we we’re big into like click funnels and so we’re always like recording oh you need a funneler go to clickfunnels

And i’ve got my little uh little steering wheel thing too and so we knew all you needed as an agency owner was a software that you could recommend and like nine times out of ten they would take it especially if they became a client and we would even find in a conversation

In a prospect if we recommended it they would take it even if they weren’t working with us and so we were feeling like we wanted to have our own software yes we could recommend just to gather up all the goodwill we were spewing in like conversations we were always talking good about

Something and we just wanted to capture that goodwill we’re putting on the marketplace so in the first few months of like high level we discovered this was awesome uh one of my first posts was like we need custom fields so you know we like pushed i remember gave

Shawn a bunch of money like just get this you know feature out there then we’ll push it so we started pushing it as a software and we realized uh two things quickly so we made a lateral move for folks we basically said hey skippy is horrible come over here and so

For all of our clients it was a no-brainer um but two things we did and i think this is uh you know depending on your circumstances i still recommend this to folks we kept it in arm’s length away we brand it as something totally different from us

Um because and maybe there’s a couple benefits to that so one uh people i tell people in like psychology persuasion humans can’t adequately discount the endorsement of a stranger right i say this is an amazing taco stand you don’t know what my taste buds are like and and

You know your best friend saying is worth this much complete stranger saying is like worth this much we discount it but not enough but we do know how to discount self-interest if i say i have the best white little support program for high level you’re like we’re able to discount self-interest and

So by recommending a software that isn’t just like oh we’ve got a software we get to keep a lot of that like social proof and goodwill and play on like our ability to refer it and and sell it effortlessly and not like in you know uh stall ourselves from doing that the

Other thing hold on i want to stop right there because i want to reiterate a point that you made that i think is so important i literally am working on a webinar presentation about sas mode and one of the slides you just hit the nail on the head

We all know that our customers need software to succeed we all know they can’t choose the right software on their own or configure it on their own so they need someone to do it for them but they could give a crap about which software it is

They just want somebody who knows how to choose software to choose it for them and recommend a good one and so if you are out there like every agency or like we used to do saying hey all right we need you to create an active campaign account or we’re going

To create an action campaign account for you and we’re going to create a click funnels account for you to do this and we’re going to create a callrail account for you to do that like you build zero brand equity that way right you’re just perpetuating these other brands um that

At the end of the day want to take your customer directly from you anyway right and so now you just so like you have to wrap your head around becoming your own software and that’s exactly what we’re trying to do for everybody just make that easier

So 100 so that that that was like one aspect of it right so keeping it at arm’s length um helped it to sell helps it to refer it also and maybe it’s still in that category helping itself helping to refer people don’t ask you weird questions when you recommend something else when i

Say hey like you said click funnels is great you know what they don’t ask where’s the server for click funnels you don’t say like is that you know is click funnels hipaa compliant think about like they don’t say like well what language is it built on like what happens at night like how

Is the lights we recommend things all the time at the end of the day big or small whatever the softwares we recommend there are some computer there is some server and so when you try and play the game of like i’ve got this proprietary software which isn’t bad we’ve seen people do it

I’m just telling you you will receive the question you’ll receive those weird questions that no one asks when i say like oh check out activecampaign it’s a pretty good email provider they’re not like well are they rotating ip addresses or is it a dedicated ip people don’t ask that but when when it

Feels like small when it feels like it’s yours then they feel like the need to ask really weird questions so it stalls that sales process we want to get to that so we kept it arm’s length which is great pull all these people in there i was like this is amazing this

Was the easiest decision in my life i just said x is bad y is better we made it so it’s like x is bad for these reasons why it’s better for these reasons also why is cheaper and what happened everyone was like no-brainer and they just ran over there

And i have another video in the group where i talked like if you just go like oh are you using whatever like these two softwares well this one does all the same and is and is less right it can be a really no-brainer sale do you want to save money

Not hard but then i learned something quick high level and i love high level high level is great at innovation but the other token of that is it’s it’s a struggle for documentation and no one’s fault like it’s it’s like oh you’re really good at being fast but

You’re bad at being slow like well duh like you can’t like it’s it doesn’t those are you’re really hot but you’re not cold like yes believe me that’s that’s a challenge internally for that that’s how it works that’s understandably how it works and so i didn’t i mean

Everyone’s out there we’re not like saying high level please stop being as awesome and creating awesome things no one is saying that no one is saying that i was not saying that i just said i need to solve this a different way and so what i did and so we were already

Um we had like i this established agency we had two locations in denver and la we ditched the offices now thank you coved um but still i’ve got like people boots on the grounds marketers most not that it matters but like it’s just coincidentally a lot of college educated like marketers who like

Even went to school for marketing and just started working for the agency and i was like let’s leverage this and so um i even had like videographers and i’m like now what we’re doing you are now making like i was like i wanted support to be like hubspot

I was like i want hubs to uh i want hubspot style support for our white label version of high level because that’s just what people expect and that’s what that’s what we set out to do so literally created this team around running support for ourselves and then it was a no-brainer to think

Why don’t we just white label all of this um i mean we honestly then realized the power in the the next level power and niching down software and so even now we run multiple front entry points too high level depending on the niche and so it’s like we’re holding multiple brands

Even ourselves so we needed to white label just to be able to leverage across our own multiple brands and then it became this obvious thing of like we can leverage this and fill a need for a lot of of high-level users and so that that that’s that’s what we’ve been doing and so

The the position and what it’s you know it started off with you know oh we just need some documentation we need some videos seen some articles whatever quickly realize doing it once is absolutely worthless and so then it became sops on like having alerts every time there’s an

Update in the facebook group that we have to redo x amount of articles x amount of videos because that’s what happens every week but now there’s a team that just sits there and every day they walk in like oh today we’re making this or making this and redoing this based on what’s the

Test there and digging into what is the latest update in triggers or what custom what custom values can be used in this area and can’t be used in this area you know if you’re in a web hook on a trigger or in a campaign you can’t

Use a custom value but if it’s in a trigger then you can or whatever it is just documenting all of the nuances intentional or unintentional that are a part of this growing and thriving software platform because that’s what people that’s what people want let me ask you a tricky question

Sure tell me yeah please we were talking earlier about how you have a new premium zap out if you’re a pro user you can use your zap that’s basically a lot of the features that are coming in sas mode before they’re available in sas which is pretty cool right so we’re

Talking about like more granular control that you can uh automate through the zap out of the gate yeah how does because as i’m thinking through this on our own content team how does how do you think about okay well some of my clients are going to have these permissions turned on for

Their customers others are not how do you control a library where it’s like they might see a dock for a feature that they don’t have this is this is so good i’m glad you didn’t even know you were teaming me up so you’re wondering like do we have the

Ability to turn on and off portions of the library that you don’t want access to like yes do we have the ability to load in your own content because maybe you’ve got a particular thing and you’ve got a niche and you’re like you know you’re using this for the funnel building but really

You’re teaching people how to be better salespeople and you wanted your own training library on that or whatever it is or you’ve got an other tool that complements what you’re doing so yes we we’ve we’ve been through this and been certain we we serve we’ve got

A few hundred agencies right now i’d say i’d say almost and it’s interesting if you’ve if you’ve got uh a good amount of clients and you don’t know i apologize but a lot of the people who like have i would say almost all of the

Folks that have hundreds i mean who am i to know one way or the other but most of the folks that have hundreds of users um are already using us the um and it’s it’s probably our value prop as well so right now for as chase already

Mentioned and and you know i apologize every time i do these is the price going to continue to be this low forever um i hope so maybe maybe not if you come back it’s not the same price like i’m it’s always going to be a no-brainer offer but still for

Over uh a year now for 197 dollars a month we will do unlimited support for you and your clients so we have folks we honestly have folks with you know thousand it was their biggest in in in the thousands of users who pay us um 197 so

It’s like for obviously the more clients you have the more of a crazy no-brainer it is um but i mean i i want an offer that was accessible that was uh like a no-brainer on multiple levels and so all the stuff we packaged together that’s what we put it in there for um

But to to what you’re saying about the elites app do you want do you want to talk about that yeah so wait before i before we talk about that not to make this a total infomercial but i just want to clarify for the one for the 200 bucks you get

They get access to docs white label docs and videos right yeah they get ticketed support and you said you’re also doing live chat yes okay so we are we are running live chat i will tell you this month that is no longer part of uh the 197. okay so there

If you want seven we have been up until this point we’ve also been doing seven days of live chat literally chatting and this we’re talking about beforehand uh i built the team up of us based folks so and it it’s not bad one way or the other but

Like we just realized the kind of support that we wanted for our folks or people who could actually solve the issue right then and there it is not the kind of support that’s like i’ll create a ticket for you uh that’s not what i wanted for our

Users and so that’s not what i set out to build and inevitably like that’s not what we provide and so it is people who actually deeply understand this because we make them study our own documentation and we have good systems in place um and people who are the who know the expectation

Is you solve the issue you don’t stall the issue and so the um that i mean and we call it like we did this uh i figured the exercise called like like a 11 star exercise or 10 star exercise on a scale from one to five five stars you’re usually great

And you play this game of like what would 10 star support be like where literally anytime they have an issue they’re teleported into our office we gather around them on the computer and we you know feed them amazing food and then solve their issue with the right so

You go through this exercise what’s 10 star what’s nine star what’s eight start with seven or you know six star and you come out with some ideas around the six or seven star where we’re like we want to implement that and so that’s what we did so now we’ve got a process where

Um based on like granted access and stuff like that like if they have issues we will hop into their account solve it record the loom video of us solving it and then be like hey it’s solved also here’s how you solve it in the future because we’re like

That’s the kind of support i want is is like you you fixed it and i know how to do it so like i’m i’m empowered and i’m also just like the issues taken care of like ultimately that’s what you want like i just want the issue done with and so

We did that exercise uh gosh it’s probably over six months now and started to like implement more procedures with that where we could like just give the kind of support that people want the question’s always like how do you like is it white labeled and we say it like yes 100

It’s probably beyond white label because it’s i mean aspects are white labeled and then aspects are branded like it’s actually your brand so it’s not like sign off like you know helpful person you know whatever it is like we actually we it’s white labeled and then the support is actually

Branded so if they’re you know if they’re chatting or asking about whatever your software is or whatever your agency is like it we communicate as if we’re your brand um and you have to spend a lot of time in the beginning like i call it like the chameleon effect like

Learning about that other person’s brand and like are there a lot of scenarios like well what should we say in this scenario or what should we do in this scenario or like is there a lot of that or not as much as you think uh

Yeah not as much as you think um we are and this is probably just the the benefit too of i think being a us-based team so like everybody who comes in i’m gonna blow a surprise like we do a call and pull a few of the team folks on

To like get to know you uh and like this is a 100 107 a month subscription service like and that’s something we’re currently doing for free like just to get to know you like you have a point of reference on the team and an email address for nuanced stuff

Because people have nuanced things like if it’s like whatever it is people send us we end up building sop docs per you know vertical but you don’t have to have that like and then we just serve as your front lines so we tell people all the time like if someone comes in

And asks like uh chase told me he was gonna uh you know give me a credit for 500 on my ad account we don’t have the answer to that we don’t know whether it’s good or bad so there are scenarios where like oh absolutely make a ticket for that i’ll

Pass it off to chase he’ll take care of you right away right so the um we just get to be the front lines of defense so that you’re only dealing with the stuff that you really need to deal with and we’re in communication and you know the people you’re talking to in case

It’s like you know if it’s that and chase comes back and says oh well actually like this fyi this is an offer we sent everybody where they get a five dollar credit it’s going to be added in by you know the 15th of the month and so if

Anybody else asks just let them know that we’re like check the next person who asked we just say you know oh this will be added in the 15th of the month or whatever it is and so nice um yeah that’s awesome man that’s the that’s the you know piece piece behind it um

The i was going just talking about sass in general and even the journey to get here but we got to it so like that’s that’s that’s what we’re offering that’s what we’re doing do we want to um do we want to talk elites app uh give us a quick 30 second elevator pitch

Okay okay well so if if you currently want to create an account and load custom values in if you want to have granular permissions for users like turn on and off certain things automatically if you want to be able to add users across accounts if you want to be able

To load in special snapshots uh basically a lot of stuff that was hopefully coming out with sas mode we are currently doing that and so things like i mean the custom values one is like a killer thing like we build for ourselves for other folks too uh entire like

Funnel templates that are entirely based on custom values um but so even imagine like a setup for a client if you had one form where all the questions they’re like we asked for like primary color right secondary color logo you uploaded that one form you hit submit the account is created

And all the custom values are already in and now those are what’s being referenced in the funnel page in the emails in the campaigns like all of those things that custom values are awesome and you know are great to make these robust accounts now you can automate that and either ask

For it straight from the client and have them type it in here’s your onboarding form and boom account is created so you can have like you know we’re going to build you a new website please put in these you know things we need like what’s your color

And have them pick a hex code and stuff like that and it literally populates it in the account um automatically wait custom values work with hex codes sure why not i didn’t know that yeah so we run we run uh we use it as uh we have some so i mean the other

Aspect of hl pro tools is any cool things that we built for ourselves i just share to people in the community and so like we built stuff to like basically rewrite for color codes and now with the svg editor like we are we have svg kind of graphics like

Whatever they are sort of stuff in there that based on their primary color code goes in changes it out and so you can have chocolate vanilla strawberry version of a funnel or a website they give you the information it automatically creates it and makes it already look on brand

Why don’t we do this why don’t we schedule another one of these to just cover that stuff because i think like some of that stuff’s going to be in sas mode but some of it is not like you’ve taken it beyond you know i think there there’s always

Going to be cool things that you’re doing that are not out of the box in sas mode um but just to be clear you can do those things with mata if you want but you have to be on the pro plan to get access to the full api so basically you

Go pro you get access full api and then you can give him your key and he can make the cool stuff happen for you but i think we should do a separate one just on all this cool stuff because i don’t think i don’t think a lot of people know what

An svg is you know so we should we should show them what you can do with that kind of stuff and like the hex code thing i didn’t know that that’s amazing that means you can just like the the implications of that are incredible um so let’s do that let’s book another one

To talk about your premiums app and what’s possible with the full api cool oh yeah i love it so from the and and i don’t know if you just need to wrap up but that’s honestly sas mode the the direction of where high level is going

Um is a no-brainer and so we’re just another resource um either from an agency from a sas perspective if you don’t want to be doing i mean for me it feels like like i don’t clean my toilets anymore because i hire a cleaning crew to come in you

Know every week and clean the house like there are certain things where when you want to grow and get to the next level two things you’re gonna realize um cash gives you the space to risk and grow sas is such an awesome way to pad

Your cash in the agency like this is a crazy arbitrage game and like i know because we’re servicing the people that are like you know going out there and doing it well but it is a no-brainer even from like a sas to sell high level you know

Anywhere from 197 to 497 plus you know a month just for hands-off welcome you can have the software now um and that recurring subscription gives you the freedom to then spend money on ads growing or hiring out a team and developing the sales cycle so all the things that are

Necessary and so crucial to grow or i mean there’s plenty people just use this like a lifestyle business i’ve been super uh you know impressed admire folks who understand what it takes to be content so they’re like we have folks you know they run 40k a

Month in their thing and they run it off of like us and them and they’re like barely doing anything in it and they’re like this is great this is i don’t need an agency this is this is my software company and so the future implications of being able to

Sell these i mean who knows like this is like this is where it’s going so this is uh you know i highly recommend getting into it nice let me ask you a question you don’t have to give me the exact number but what’s the range where are you at in pure sas sales

Like pure white labeled sas revenue um you want to give me you want me to give you a range so the there um i can’t give you come into hl i’ll give you all the secrets but so there is what i’m getting at is that i want to

Open people’s eyes i don’t know what’s possible so i’ll tell you um what’s better so here’s the thing we’ve been doing it since not not this but doing the agency since 2012 and so i’m usually super honest with folks of the way we get to play the game is

Is different than someone who’s starting off like you just gotta acknowledge it like i just said cash helps right you you wanna imagine how fast i can grow if i can spend fifty thousand dollars a month on ads to gross ass like and like bad ads would be like a one to one

Right so it’s like now if you’re starting off you don’t have fifty thousand dollars laying around they’re like i just wanna blow this on ads money so what is better is what i’ve seen like proven from folks in this last even just in the last year during coven i was talking to somebody

Last night who uh started off he he is actually i’ve been encouraging him to uh up the price but he doesn’t so he’s selling for under 97 a month to a cheap crazy niche and he broke 18 thousand um last month or this month i figured what it was like it first

Like monumental for him like it and and i’m like and from a low ticket perspective right so that’s and and literally i was there from like idea inception i think in like may or june maybe like i gave him the idea of the name ran out with the name

And last month is done i think he said over 18k um and that’s low ticket that’s like i don’t i 100 do not recommend that but it can be done we had somebody else who um launched four weeks ago we helped them launch um pure sas that was it pure sass

And uh they’re on a seven figure run rate like they’ve crossed um 80 000 a month in sales now totally different scenarios right now and to be fair actually they did it no ads as well but i’ll tell you like certain people it’s like you you got to dig your well

Before you’re thirsty it is different if you already have a community like that was for us when we launched when we launched we made a lateral move if you have hundreds of clients you tell them like hey this one sucks this one’s great just come over here it costs a little bit less

And be like oh i launched a seven figure sass in a day you know the circumstances matter um but i i’ve seen from very humble and it’s like the packaging it’s really it’s like who do you who do you want to serve what’s the kind of offer that you want

To have how involved do you want to be i’ll tell you some folks like the more the more niche specific you are the more value you build around that niche the higher price you can charge i’ve seen folks um still in covid launched to equally i’d say like

Obscure niches um but did like a you know the play was a thousand dollar setup and like 400 a month and launched to i think you know he did i forget over 20 people in the first month nice and so i forgot what that comes up

So that’s like 20 000 in setup fees plus another uh is that 80 000. like he it was great it was awesome right and this is so you can pick uh and this is stuff we talk about all the time in our facebook group of like the different

Ways you can launch and leverage sas for us we wanted it as a hands a distance an arm’s length thing we could refer people to totally fine it’s great some people want to bring it in and own it and just be the sas company um other people want it to be a hidden

Cost like this is the other thing we do is like for for from an agency and from an offer perspective you know how sweet it is to this is what okay i’ll tell you this is last last little nugget for anybody’s listing so what we do

On our bottom tier offer like if you’re running agency sales you know this game the most frustrating thing is uh your closing ratio and i say it’s your frustrating thing because like if you have sales guys and gals they want to close everything you want a hundred percent

You paid something to get them on the call and so what we realized is what if we could create an irresistible irresistible no-brainer offer that felt like we were giving them something for free but we actually made money and sas is the solution and so the

What our offer is our bottom tier offer is um i call it organic performance-based marketing what if i said like let me guess what if i said you can we’ll give you access to our platform very low fee with all the instructional material on how to set this up yourself

And if you find it’s too hard then you can come up to our no no no no we don’t we don’t we don’t even do that we we do that by the way no that’s another that’s another good play what we say is because remember we’re keeping an arm’s length it’s not our

Software platform oh right okay what we say is we will do your marketing 100 performance you will only pay us when someone pays you and you will pay us less than the amount that they paid you so if they pay you 200 we’ll figure out an arrangement you could pay us 50 bucks

Does that sound like a good deal who’s going to say no to that no one’s going to say no to that only caveat is you have to use the software because it’s the only one that adequately tracks when we make a sale on your behalf and so if you’re not like literally you

Have to use the software because that’s the only way that we can even do this work for you but you pay for the software over there you send us your login credentials we’ll configure it all and set it up for you and then you only pay us

When a sale happens so we take this you take we take this play to to sell it on a little bit higher ticket not like crazy high but a little bit i’ll say in the 500 a month range for an established business it’s kind of like if i said i’ll be a performance

I’ll be a commission only sales person you just gotta pay for my zoom account right a lot of people would take that right that makes sense commission only sales person you just gotta pay for my zoom account totally fair and so that’s our bottom bucket offer man i just gave away

No this is all good you know the great thing i was talking about rising tides rising tides lift all ships and so this is awesome and uh yeah any piece of this you could just roll with one of these things and i’ve seen it turn the needle in in your agency so you

Know we love to see it and that’s honestly my goal too if i can help you get enough clients so that you’re overwhelmed with support and you’re like please i don’t want to deal with this anymore like this is how it works and this is the kind of stuff that we share inside

Of it too is because i’m like if i can help you sell more our offer just becomes more of a no-brainer so one thing i’m curious about it’s hl pro tools my understanding was it was some cool tools and you could pay for support but it also sounds like you’re are you

Coaching people like mentoring them into how to you know transition into certain models and like hey here you know yeah honestly at this point it’s it’s turned into just free coaching um i i don’t have a formal offer around that that’s not what i set

Out to do but like when i’m talking to people and they’re in the facebook group and they’re asking questions i’m going to tell them like straight up this is what i like i said it like all cards on the table the people who have your listings right now and

You’ve got over 100 clients and you’re not already with us like this is a no-brainer like fire your va you’re paying 800 a month for and get us-based support for 200 a month like that’s that’s it and if you’ve got less than that you’re still

Paying for the va to run this for you like and and you’ve got outdated videos from two years ago or whatever it is like this this is a no-brainer the um but for people who are starting off or maybe they’re here and they’re getting into it

And they’ve got 10 15. i still i i love i love to see them grow i mean i’ll tell you that guy who’s telling you who hit that 18k month he started off he had nothing he sent over this is like you know we just came into the ecosystem and it’s

It’s so people who are starting off there’s definitely more kind of like coaching if you will but i’m like i’m telling you it’s it’s selfish coaching you can sell more people you will stick around longer we will become a no-brainer offer and so that’s um that’s that’s the perspective

We’re coming from but yeah the name is uh confusing and i understand and i apologize hl pro tools uh mostly white label support so you can spend zero hours a week in high level support and then a lot of other cool things that i give you because i just want you to

Grow so this becomes an even bigger no-brainer offer there we have it thanks so much for coming back on matt and let’s book another one to talk about the api that’s awesome thanks jess thanks everybody for watching we’ll see you in the next one

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