Qu’est-ce qui fait qu’une carte de qualité est ma carte ?

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Hey everyone its Chaz here just want to do a quick walkthrough of what we like to see when we make a my map so these are like the quality areas that we look for so some of the things we look for in a my map so I have a my map open here

One of the first things I check is the company so if you just click on the company there it brings up the company screen here I want to I’m checking for some keywords and I’m checking for the nap and check for consistent nap I want to make sure it’s relevant content you

Can see it’s a painting cuts about the contents about painter so there you see about that’s over 500 words of relevant content right there again here’s the nap and a link back to the Google Maps and you can see that there’s also some images down here so it’s so we have some

Media we have a link back to our property now when it comes to links we allow up to five links for the basic and then you can include more for you know as an upcharge so some things you can do you can you can link your you make

Things like Facebook you can link Twitter you could link back to your website you could also embed some citation URLs in here some of your yelps and YP some of your top tier citations you can link them in here to help power them up and

Stack that authority um but I I’d so we look at the nap we want the link we want a rich media there 500 words of content here about the company and then here if you here’s another section that we look for is again so we’re looking for another do

Follow link the naps consistent another 500 plus word article and again you can have in the basic package you can have up to five do follow links here in this one you can see we used only two we used one to the website here and on the other

One it was one to the to the Google Maps another thing in quality that we looked for is we want to see keywords we want to make sure we have keywords here right so everything needs to be named some relevant keywords then we also look for

Directions to back to the business so we want at least we let me get like to see at least half a dozen from relevant points around the city that you’re in and that’s going to help drive local relevancy and you can see that there’s a bunch of directions here back to the

Company so it’s getting relevancy back through all this but so that’s a real quick video kept it under three minutes um as to what we look for when we do the quality checks on these my mom’s thanks for watching if you have any questions hit me up thanks

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