Pouvez-vous monétiser les vidéos Pictory ?


Pouvez-vous monétiser les vidéos Pictory – Je suis sûr que vous avez vu les vidéos qui vous disent que vous pouvez gagner des tonnes d’argent sur YouTube…

By now i’m sure you’ve seen tons of videos where people are claiming that you can make a thousand dollars per day without actually creating content on youtube and in the video they recommended using a software called pictory in this video i’m going to show you and tell you if you can monetize

This type of content and the best way to do it so make sure you watch this entire video to learn if you can actually monetize pictory videos for the best tips and tricks to learn affiliate marketing and internet entrepreneurship be sure to subscribe to the channel and

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I’m an affiliate marketer and internet entrepreneur who has helped thousands of people across multiple platforms make passive income and today i want to help you all right so as i mentioned as you can see on the screen here you’ve probably seen a couple videos about picturing or at least you’ve seen youtube videos

That are telling you that you can make thousands of dollars per month without actually showing your face and creating the video for example if we jump over to youtube here we can say how to uh how to make money on youtube without creating videos you can see there are

Hundreds of thousands of views to be had with these videos and i’m sure most of these videos eventually lead you to victory or in video one of these ai softwares but as we know youtube is not a huge fan of ai software so where’s the rub can you actually make money are these

People just creating content just to make money off of you in this video i’m going to show you some examples and i’m going to answer this question definitive definitively yes or no and the absolute best way to do it so first of all what is pictori as you can see here victory

Is this ai software where you can input text to speech and it’ll actually do it’ll auto generate the videos for you and also include voice overs uh you can see there’s pricing here where you pay monthly and this is substantially cheaper than maybe hiring somebody over on five or upwork or people per

Hour you can see here you can get started with three videos for free and then eventually move on to the different levels so let’s go ahead and take a look at an example of a youtube channel that is already doing this this channel right here it’s called biz

Move right now they have 139 000 subscribers this video right here how to start a quail farm business if we skip this ad of course and we listen to the video we’re gonna see that this is actually done with pictory if let’s see here this is not the right

Video so we’re just gonna hit back here real quick but if we skip here and we listen to this we’re gonna here and we’re gonna see that this is ai so look at listen to this if we hear and i don’t want this to play too much

This clearly is an ai software it is text-to-speech and this person isn’t showing their face these are uh this is clearly a pictory ai video and what you saw at the beginning of this video you actually saw an ad run and so the short answer is yes you can monetize

Pictory videos but so stay with me there is a huge caveat here when you are creating these types of videos as we know youtube recently changed the way they feel or they changed the they change the type of content that can get monetized so this channel biz move

You can check it out for yourself this channel has been around for maybe three or four years if we take a look at their videos we take a look at the oldest video their oldest video has been around absolutely selected most popular but their oldest video has been around for

Four years back when youtube was a very different place and so new channels are having a little bit more trouble monetizing ai content now this is the best way absolute number one best way to ensure that your pictory videos are monetized one you want to make sure that you have an

Original script one of the downsides to a lot of these channels as they’re telling you to just go copy and paste blog articles right into youtube or right into pictory and that’s going to have a very difficult time being monetized because youtube and google are owned by the same parent company they

Understand when content isn’t original and most likely if you’ve borrowed someone else’s content someone else has also done it too and so that you content usually on the internet or on youtube at the very least and so one big mistake is not having original content the second mistake is just simply using

The ai voiceover what i recommend that you do and there’s a couple ways to do it i’ll show you how to do it in a second what i recommend that you do is either read the script yourself but if you don’t want to read the script maybe you have a voice for

Maybe you have a voice for blogging i would hire somebody to read the script for you and you can charge as little as five or ten dollars depending on how long the script is so if we come over to youtube or if we come over to

Fiverr you can use fiverr to hire people to read these scripts for you and so you could say youtube voice actor or you can just say voice actor like this voice actor and you’re gonna see that people are willing to do it for as little as five dollars

What i recommend that you do instead of just typing in voice actor because there’s 23 000 services available come up here and make a custom request so we can do poster requests like this and we’re just going to type in something like i’m looking for a voice

Actor you want to say long-term voice actor long-term voice actor for my youtube channel and then explain to him that you are going to be looking for you know maybe 50 voiceovers a month or maybe 30 voice overs a month however however much you can afford and then

Select your budget this is going to be the best way to find people on fiverr for the cheapest price okay if you just go up to fiverr and you look for voiceovers it’s going to get really expensive the reason why this works out so well is you can

Set your price you can even keep saying here i am looking for a female voice between the ages of 28 and 37 and then just tell them exactly what you’re looking for you are going to have a ton of people that are going to apply for this position have them submit

Samples for you but that’s step one step two is to make sure you have original scripts now once again you can come over to fiverr and you can request a youtube scriptwriter so we can type in um youtube scriptwriter like this and once again you’re gonna be

Able to find someone for five or ten dollars now what i recommend that you do is make sure that this person can read and write english very well because your target audience should be english-speaking countries they’re gonna pay the highest cpms but if you look at this you can start anywhere between five

And ten dollars i would actually once again create a custom request in fact if i come over here to manage requests like this you’re gonna see that i have posted a bunch of these requests for these exact things so once this loads i’ll show you and and you’ll see

Why doing these custom requests are much better hello i’m looking for a long-term youtube script writer for my youtube channels budget ten dollars i had 26 people apply if we come back and we look at youtube scriptwriter youtube scriptwriter like this scriptwriter you’re gonna see that there are

Eight thousand services available and so you can usually find someone for relatively inexpensive if you want to maximize the amount of money that you are spending i’d recommend actually going off platform to get all together and use a website like online jobs dot ph and the cool thing with online jobs.ph

These guys are all uh english speakers they want to work with you long term they are willing to work very hard for you as you can see i’ve got youtube thumbnail creator had 132 people apply for this this job over 1 000 hits of people that want to create thumbnails and they’re

Willing to create them for as little as two or three dollars but when it comes to scriptwriter you can have them write maybe a 15 word script for 10 15 the most if you don’t want to use this platform you can also use a website like

Hire writers is a place that i’ve also used to get scripts and the cool thing is if we go to pricing you can have a 1500 word script written for about 8.25 now you want to make sure that you tell them that you want 1500 words if you don’t tell

Them 1500 words they’ll do exactly 1000 words now 1500 words is important because 1500 words is about eight minutes if you do anything less than that it’s gonna be less than eight minutes and you won’t be able to put ads in the middle of your content so to circle back to the

Original question can you monetize pictory videos the answer is yes you can monetize with youtube partner program but you can also monetize it with affiliate marketing and affiliate marketing if you don’t know is simply recommending other people’s products and services for example with this channel bizmove here they could recommend

Everything from web hosting to legal documents filing an llc maybe business courses there’s all sorts of stuff that they could recommend and earn a commission you simply would apply to join these different affiliate programs and then put your affiliate links in the description of these videos now with this channel sometimes it gives

Away free documents sometimes it doesn’t if we look at this five top tips for training your dog successfully he could recommend the dog training program over on clickbank brain training for dogs and potentially make money so once again can you monetize pictory videos the answer is yes

There’s a variety of ways to do it you are able to join the youtube partner program i know for a personal experience that you can monetize these types of channels and potentially make money and you can make money with each partner program affiliate marketing you can actually create and sell your own

Digital products for example if we look at bizmove once again they’re talking about small business what we could do is go over to we could type in plr which stands for private label rights hit enter and we can take a look let’s see plr products.com let’s click on this one

Now with plrproducts.com you can buy these private label rights and then sell them yourself and keep more of the money so what you would do is go through and find different private label rights products for example under business let’s do business skills for example we could buy

An ebook we could buy maybe a video guide or a course buy it buy better business planning for 5.99 and then we could turn around and sell it right on our youtube channel for 9.99 and then we can make money that way but you can see here there are tons of

Opportunities to potentially make money you could also offer business coaching if you have that experience but this works for literally any niche and so just to recap real quick what i would do is i would get my copy of pictory and then i would hire someone from hire writer

Onlinejobs.ph or fiverr to be my scriptwriter and then i would find someone else on fiverr or online jobs.ph to be my voice actor or actress and then i would post these videos the cool thing about this process is you can make multiple videos per day or in the

Challenges of doing a talking head video like this is you’re really limited to the number of videos that you could upload in a given day without getting burnt out and tired and so what you can do is kind of outsource most of this process and potentially make money so i

Say all of that to say yes i know for certain that you can monetize pictory.ai type content now that you know if you can monetize this type of content click the first link in the description or go to austingodbull.com forward slash start for my free unemployed handbook that handbook will

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