Plagiat? Plus maintenant : Siphon contre WordAi contre Spin Rewriter

Daryl compare l’originalité du contenu de l’outil Siphon de Mass Page Tool. Nous comparons la copie filée de WordAI et …

Hi guys how you doing this is darryl ledyard for mass page tools um today i want to show you um how powerful the siphon tool is within mass page tools uh that comes along with the enterprise plan if you’re in your mass page tools you’ll click on siphon over to the left side

And you’ll have this section here with three boxes down at the bottom is the number of sentences you’re looking to capture from the website or from the text box that you have here so today i’m going to use the text box to show you um just how powerful this tool is so

My example is um in the united states every school kid typically does a pledge of allegiance um to the flag like put their hand over their heart every morning so it’s it’s a body of text that is uh very very well known in the united states and it’s probably

All over the place on the internet so i’m going to go to wikipedia and see if i can get the uh the text here so i pledge allegiance to the flag united states into the republic for which it stands one nation under god indivisible with liberty and

Justice for all this is the short statement that uh kids say and people say it all the time for various swearing-ins and things like that so for citizenships and and whatnot so what i’m gonna do is i’m gonna take this phrase and we’re gonna go to google

And i’m gonna put this in parentheses uh and so you can see there’s 510 000 results that have that exact phrase in it um on on google okay um so so it’s out there quite a bit uh so that’s what i’m going to use to uh test siphon versus um

Two other tools that are well known one is word ai and the other is spin rewriter so what we’re gonna do is first go to uh as you can tell i was already testing and working on this uh if you go to word a i and you’re gonna do

Your article here we’re going to just paste in this i pledge allegiance to the flag it’s all right here i’m going to put a little period there because it wasn’t there and i’m going to just keep it on the default settings and hit spin now

Okay i’m going to do the same thing with spin rewriter this one for some reason takes a little bit more time but i’m going to go ahead and write rewrite article all right so we have the uh the text here with a few different versions

Of it we’re going to test that in a second all right and we we’ve got um generally okay so here’s a unique article okay so uh the first test is we’re going to see with this if it is recognized in copyscape okay so we’ll go to copyscape we’ll paste this

In and we’ll do premium search and i found a bunch of results okay so that’s word ai with the spin text of a very popular phrase that it comes up with a lot of hits on that okay next we’re going to take a look at spin rewriter and we’re going to take

That same sentence that’s been rewritten rewritten i promise obligation to the flag is very different so let’s see if that one is going to come up with any hits so this came up with 18 different hits uh and inside as copyscape just because very variations of this um

Come across that way so now we’re gonna go and grab the uh initial text here so this is the original i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and so on and so forth as you can see we’re going to put the period there and we’re going to siphon

I’m just going to put 10 sentences just in case it doesn’t catch anything here and it’s going to go through and it’s going to rewrite this and then we’re going to throw it into copyscape and also into google just to see if there’s any matches for what it gets

Out of the end of siphon okay so i don’t even know what plagiarism is anymore because this thing rewrites so well um that i don’t even know if it’s plagiarism um it’s really fantastic but i’m going to go ahead and put this in i promise the flag in the united states

Of america and the republic it represents an individual nation under god with freedom and justice for all okay that’s totally rewritten hit the premium search no results found out of all the internet and we’re gonna go to um google just to double check to see if every single site in the world

If there’s any results and it says no results for what was written with the siphon so that’s just how powerful this is imagine if you were able to find some really good copy and you wanted to have it rewritten before you spin it or even uh to just have in your pages

It’s a really powerful tool to save you some time uh having to rewrite content that’s uh probably already out there on the internet uh anyway so just wanted to make this quick video to show you um what we were experimenting with today and if you have any questions or you you

Wanted to get siphon added to your account if you don’t already have it as an enterprise member go ahead and reach out to me on facebook um darrell thomas ledyard it’s very easy and uh we’ll go ahead and get you uh settled on that you can also go to

Or if you go to we can also answer your questions there thank you guys bye-bye

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