Pictory AI Review Demo 🟹 CrĂ©er une vidĂ©o Ă  partir du contenu de blogs 🟹 Transformer des articles en vidĂ©os avec Pictory AI


DĂ©mo de rĂ©vision de Pictory AI | CrĂ©er une vidĂ©o Ă  partir du contenu des blogs | Transformez des articles en vidĂ©os avec Pictory AI CrĂ©ez de courtes vidĂ©os Ă  partir de votre …

Hi today i’m going to be reviewing a pictory a i which is a video creation software i use this for my business i run an seo agency and i convert my blog articles into videos um youtube is a really powerful way of getting extra backlinks and also better rankings for your website and

Your articles so this is a picture i’m in my actually account so i like to you can do a shortened version where you put an article to video and it’s as simple as just putting in the page link and it will do a condensed version for you

And typically the videos will be a couple of minutes long um you can also upload your own videos and edit your videos there are different plans depending what plan you are on you have different amounts of time that you can edit my personal favorite is script video so

My blog or article content writers will write an article for me it is left in grammarly and then i pretty much copy and paste the article into the scriptwriter um some things i you know leave out you can see here that we’re finalizing which website it will go on to

And i will go through it so i might make this a little bit generic so that i can use it on whichever website i want easy is going proceed i’m doing landscape because it is for youtube and then it will automatically sort it all out into different story blocks now recently um they

They have done massive amounts of work to this software when i first got it last year it had very limited amounts of um stock images or stock videos recently they’ve added story blocks to it um and it’s really amazing the amount of different content you have and you can

Also upload your own images or upload your own videos so it is a really fantastic way to use your blog articles into creating videos and it will select different images and videos some of them are pretty spot on some of them aren’t so good so i will always go through and edit

I’m going to pause this and come back when it is done and i will show you how i go through and edit my blog article videos okay so you can see here that i have had content created for me so it took about a minute for it to um go through

Now here are your text boxes and you can go in and edit these so you can edit either on this side here or you can edit actually in there these are the images here now you can see here it has messed it up i’m talking about plastering iron in australia we call it

Plastering um in the states you would call it drywall so it has gone for a plaster or what i call a band-aid um here you know really nice sort of different images that you can or um video clips that you can use and some of them are really

You know really good it’s really quite intuitive which what it um puts in there so if you don’t like an image say like this plaster one here let me go here it’s as easy as going up here to visuals and i can type in the term drywall

And here we go here’s all my different sort of drywall videos that i’ve got available and it’s as easy as just changing it out there if i decide that i want to use this same video or block of image for a couple of pieces

So what i can do here is i connect the scenes together so here’s a scene here so if i connect it here link it so the next block will continue using that same video and again the next block as well so i can use link the same video um

Block or script or snippet and put several story blocks in there if i decide i don’t like something like it’s sort of um a heading um then all i have to do is just delete it so it’s as easy as just deleting a scene like that so it is really easy to use

And it’s yeah writing the content is the longest part of this process then once it’s done so i’ve also got different audio files here as well so i can choose what music i want it also helps it chooses music so let’s i don’t want anything like that this is for um

You know a blog article it’s nothing sad or momentous about it so i try and um find something that’s got a little bit of a upbeat something like that they’ve got some sort of little hip hockey stuff as well so lots of different um music styles so

I will go and choose something the other thing that you can also look at is it tells you how long each scene goes for now some of the video clips that are used are quite long so i don’t necessarily want you know one line of text having to stay on scene for

Seven and a half seconds so i can also reduce the amount of time there as well so that um you know you haven’t got these incredibly long scenes some of the scenes are quite long you know 14 seconds for this clip to sort of play its entirety so i will um

Usually reduce these down i’ll sort of sit between sort of five and ten seconds for each scene so that people have got a chance to read the the scene and um also see what it’s all about so i’m going to go through and keep editing this

Um you know if you’re just doing basic seo and this is just going out onto like syndication you don’t even have to edit this i will be using this blog article on um a website that does get some um you know real real human traffic so i always

Try and make it look um you know readable and i have it at the top of the paragraph so it is something that um people do see straight away i’ll be back with the finished product okay so i have finished editing my video it took i don’t know maybe

Five ten minutes just to go through and work out the images that i wanted remove some of the content that wasn’t really working in the video it was really easy they give you a lot of choices for images if you are just doing one company only so it’s like for your own business

You can actually um do different styles so you’ve always got this sort of the same theme the other things that you can do as well is to save your logo or your watermark so that always your watermark or logo is on your videos now i create you know oh

Dozens of videos every week almost every blog article that we do gets a video linked to it um and this video is uploaded to youtube with all geo coordinates and business information in there it goes on to playlists also that we help to rank and boost the businesses

That we’re doing the seo for once i’ve happy with my video which i am i did choose the music which i showed you you’ve got the different audio tracks there this is the track i chose in the end actually that’s not that’s not what i want i wanted something a little more um

A little more um better no no that’ll do okay that will be fine i’ve also gone through and cut the seams down and my video should be around the four and a half minute mark when i’m finished with everything all i do is generate it into a video

And that’s as easy as it is this takes um typically one or two minutes once the scenes are done it generates the video and then you just download it onto your um laptop or computer i hope that helps you to understand about how easy picturey ai is there is also

An area where you can upload um a speaking video and it will create um subtitles which is really cool so if you are doing a training video you can upload it to pictory ai and it will automatically put subtitles on it and you can edit them so if it gets a word

Wrong you can fix it and it has also just released an update where it will take out those words like um so that you don’t have those appearing in your text boxes or subtitles and i will do a video on that so you can see how easy it

Is to use there is a link below this video where you can go check out pictree ai there is a free plan and there is also paid plans if you are an agency of any type the paid plans are an absolute bargain and i do prefer this

To lumen5 i have tried wave in the past and i wasn’t really impressed i found picturey ai just to be a whole lot easier to use right from the get go there is basically no learning curve required thanks for watching and i will catch you next time you

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