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Looking for a pictory ai alternative you have chosen a hard task because pictory is the ai-powered alternative to all other video creators as a video creator you know that choosing the right visuals is essential to engage your audience but finding high quality royalty-free images and video clips can be a real pain

And let’s be honest stock photos and video clips are often pretty cheesy that’s why i’m excited to introduce pictory ai alternative video creation victory uses cutting edge ai machine learning technology to produce beautifully crafted videos from scripts articles a url or videos it does this super fast so you spend

Less time creating killer video content this is how pictory ai works peter will now give you a demonstration so keep watching i’m going to show you a quick demo of pictori we’ll walk through a couple of different use cases the first use case is where we have a video that we want to

Start with and we want to create highlights of the video so you drag and drop a video here and you would upload it to pictorial and what pictory does when you upload the video is it actually runs the video through a transcription step and you can see the transcript of the video right

Here that is automatically created and you’ll see the video right here and you can browse through the video by searching for the transcript parts of the transcript and one of the simple things that you might want to do before you create the highlights is you may want to

Remove sections of the video that that that you that you don’t want to include in the highlights at all so here’s i i search for canada and and i’m going to select this whole sentence and remove it from the video so this deletion not just deletes it from the

Transcript it actually deletes it from the from the video so you can delete sentences from the video you can also delete words you can say hey i don’t want to say americans here i can delete americans so again that word is gone from the video uh then i can remove these filler words

Like us and arms and i can just press this button to remove the filler words so all the filler words are gone from the video you see the video already is down several seconds from our original length now i say i want to further select the highlights so you can use ai

To select the highlights of the video you can say hey i want a 10 of the original video selected as my highlight and so i run the highlighting algorithm through it and it picks out from the transcript key sentences that are ai thinks are the best representation of this

Video so it’s picked out about five sentences i can say hey i don’t want to include this this is talking about hockey and and i don’t want to include that but i want to include this because this this provides context to the to what he’s what he’s talking about

And now i have about a 56 second version of that four minute press conference and and i can move on to the next step next step now we can choose whether we want to include uh the subtitles on the on the video whether we want to burn them in or not

We can also add brand settings so we can say on every scene include a logo also i can include an outro scene which is the final call to action to my video and i can have an intro uh included as a standard or i can create an intro custom to my specific video

And then finally we would generate a video and it would generate this one highlight video which is as i showed 56 seconds long with about uh six independent uh sentences it would also be able to generate six individual 15 to 20 second videos each with these sentences that we that we selected

The other scenario that picture is very useful for is starting with a blog or a text article and creating a video from there so say i have a blog i can start with and it uses that same ai algorithm that i showed you before it actually finds the best

The most unique sentences in the blog as the summary and it’s going to pick those sentences out for me so here’s the original blog on the left side and and it’s picked out five sentences as a summary and again i can choose different ones i can say hey i don’t

Want this but i want this sentence in the summary so i can fine-tune the summary very quickly then i can choose the the size of the video that i want and and it will then for every sentence that i that the ai picked it’s gonna find the best matching visual

We have a very big stock library of images as well as videos that that that we have that the ai automatically searches for and tries to find the best fit so i can quickly go through it and if i want to change something i have a choice to

Change it so for example in this one the the first image i don’t like it it picked something from the article itself but maybe i want something here or i can do a search i can say search for different categories and once i’m happy with this i can pick

An audio section i can say hey apply it automatically picks a music piece i can ask it to do a voiceover narration as well and and boom i have a video created from the text audio or from the text file from the blog and i can quickly preview this video

Application data the other 90 data has become a strategic asset and companies are increasingly investing in governance programs and tools to manage their data master data plays a foundational role because it’s shared between many systems and process there you have it that was a quick demo of victory showing how you can create

Videos from blogs and also how you can start with existing videos and create highlights from those existing videos if you’re looking for a pictory ai alternative don’t waste your time instead get your free trial access by clicking the link below this video and start creating your own selection of beautiful videos

Victory makes it easy and fast as you have seen so what are you waiting for click the link now you

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