Phantombuster Revue des technologies IO : Offre à vie AppSumo | Alternative à Google Analytics

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Hello guys igor here doing one more appsumo review today analyzing io technologies auto that claims to use real time data to convert my visitors into readers so the tool is a web analytics platform that measures article engagement and traffic data in real time being an alternative to google analytics

So you’re gonna use that tool to have seamless dashboard where you’re gonna see in real time your page visitors the reading engagement the percentage of balancing and other metrics that you you will help you to better plan your blog strategies as you can see here they

Claim to be six years in the industry in sources trusted by more than media brands between courier major highest center friends etc so you’re gonna get all future smart plan updates and the difference here is the number of users and the total paid views per month if

You get the chair five you get a million total page views so good limited and unlimited domain so you can have any number of domains that you want let’s take a look at the duo i’m gonna show you how the two works here i have

The dashboard as you can see here i do not have many data because i just you know installed it on my website to show you how the tool works settings you can add new users and you can also manage those users by groups i have a no light base here but everything

Is gonna work on the dashboard it’s like it’s a plug and play you’re gonna get a script that you can add on the body of your website or on the google sear the google tag manager so you have that two options two different codes where you can add on the tag manager or

On your body or head of your website and those are the data that you’re gonna get you’re gonna get the number of page views of your website and you can see the third 30-day calendar you can customize the number of days that you want to see you can see on the last hour

Okay you have full flexibility to choose the time frame you want to see your page views those views you’re gonna see as you can see here today and here only one day you’re gonna see the page views here on today here’s the number you will also see the average view time and here

On below you’re gonna see the page that people saw and the average time they stayed on that page clicking here you’re gonna go directly to the page and i’m going to get those data’s here the average time user streams on page the readability so shadow of users who

Scroll at the page to the bottom those who read everything recirculations are the bouncy metrics so the number of users that did not leave the website after see your blog post and then they just visit another page of your website we can select the page by authors by

Categories and by source okay if they found you using google if they found you using a direct source social media etc on the right here you can see article types the domains that are connected so you can just click to go to another kind of domain

Okay you can add tags you can see by device if the desktop on mobile and that’s it they have a feature here that’s called newsroom tv where you will receive a link and you can use it to show it as a pre as a presentation mode okay

So if you want to display it for instance on your office 24 hours per day you have a link to show as a news room okay as a presentation mode in the newsroom here you can see uh you can select between archicad open or source groups arch

Calls out authors so different kind of display so you can see here i have only two page views from from that website today and that’s the kind of matrices that you’re gonna see and you can add on your on your tv you can use that link to show

Your website 24 hours per day in the newsroom mode so that is io technologies i hope you liked that overview of the tool click on the link in the link on the link in the description that you can see more uh get to know more about the details of

That deal thank you so much bye

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