Optimisation de la page GMB – Partie 2 – Guide des cartes du classement Web 20 sur la page

GMB On Page Optimization Part 2 – Regardez pendant que je survole l’ensemble de notre …

Hey guys it’s Chaz here we’re in video 2 of this GMB optimization guide for on-page we’re really the first part we talked about we showed you Cora we showed you a lot of the on-page elements and how we do those I know I went over that stuff fairly quickly because again

Most guides cover it about the same as I do it’s not a whole lot of secret techniques there that you can use I mean just do your best practices follow you know the best advice even using something like you know search quality guidelines or Google has you know their

Own little SEO guide and they talk about the exact same things that I went over obviously we want a little bit maybe a little bit more in-depth for my co-occurrence and keyword prominence factors like that which is always a good you know good knowledge to keep in your

Pocket helps you set apart from you know your competitors that don’t know about stuff like that this next section though is about geo relevance and how to add it to the web page right so obviously we already have in our sample we have it up in the URL

We have the city and stuff um but sometimes you know you’ve really struggled to do this so not only do you do it in your tags add a map next thing I do alright is I add a section underneath the map and I like to call

This more of like my my G irrelevant area and I do it pretty much on most local pages that optimize I kind of structure it like this underneath to my map I’ll actually have a link here it’ll be company name address city state etc

And if I click on it it links back to Google Google Places to them to the actual business on Google Places alright so I actually link to my Google Places map and then underneath that I put my hours and I just put them I don’t put them in

Any special format or anything Google but can come on and they can read them they see this right but I always make sure I have my hours have a local so number right here as well the next part Mary so that’s our address section I linked back to the Google Places mat I

Put ours and phone number is what I like to call city county region and so basically a geo relevant paragraph about the location it doesn’t need to be super big or super long I just make a paragraph about it and you can see here’s my paragraph I just talked about

The location I talked a little bit about the city I talked about the county it’s in the region kind of where it’s at the next thing I do is I do written driving directions alright so I add 2 to 4 written driving directions and when possible I used I include an air pope

Airport code if practical all right so here’s directions and to get directions what I do is you can go to if you go right to your Google Places map and get directions and you say well where am I gonna go well for this I want to use an

Airport so the closest place to me that has a hare Airport is Harrisburg so I would just put in right here then pick one and then literally just write this out right write it out just sit down write it it’s very quick mine’s not written super

Super well but I just sat there and I wrote it out it’s a couple of sentences takes you from Harrisburg International Airport to make my visits poom Hannover PA tell us them how to get there the next one is I do a another directions in this one I just

Chose a city that’s close to us and our route directions from there so you can see so that’s my written driving directions local outbound links another thing that I like to add and I actually included those in our paragraph here so I just included these so I talked about

My location in my region where I’m located at this is actually a place on Google Maps and I link right to there and then this is and how do I find what places to include for my local links I just go to Google and I’ll show you

Exactly how to do that things to do in your city click on it this guy tell you the first couple of things to do and that’s where I get my you can see I got right here the center square when I actually pick that up from a search so

If you just do a search for Hanover PA it comes up so I was there typing maybe something odorous I don’t know I’d have to there we go if you type in the city I’m not sure how I found it for somehow I found it though came up in one

Of my searches I maybe it is on this list oh here it is it’s just down here a further on this list that’s all so I just picked two off the list link out to those two Google Maps and what this does I know it seems like

A lot of outbound links um when it comes to GMB ranking it doesn’t your it’s not so much about PageRank or juice so we’re not we’re not gonna sit here and try to you know just know follow these links and try to do like link sculpting it’s not really any

Net needs for you can have outbound links you can have multiple ones what it does it definitely links your page to these local places though right um when Google crawls this there’s not gonna be any doubt in Google’s mind that you’re a locally relevant business for this location and and that’s really what

We’re doing for that and the reason we do that actually show you this real quick is if you go to like SEO by the sea and I know the guys just a lawyer but he is good at reading and analyzing Google patents they had a lot of

Knowledge out of them I like this one here assignment of geographic location identifiers sagu actually has there’s some patents out there that talk about this stuff and some of the some of the part some of the location identifiers include things like postal address telephone number area code airport codes landmark identifiers longitude and

Latitude which we’ll get to in a second hyperlinks between pages now this says without geofoam but they can they can basically they’re moving geo info from a page that has none to one that links to a geographically relevant part and it passes geo relevance so hyperlinks can pass geo information through them so

That’s why I have these outbound links because right we’re linking to something that’s geographically relevant to to UM to our location let’s keep moving on I don’t have live any live example of this just because like I said this is an old site it’s not an active site so I don’t really have

Any authority directories for make my business boom but if I did I would add a couple links on there to it and what I would consider would be Authority directory would be something like Better Business Bureau Chamber of Commerce best to the web a GPS data team profile there

If you were a lawyer you know obviously your Avvo or fine law for doctors it would be something like health grades those are Authority directories and I would if I had those I would add a link to you know not all of them just a few

The better maybe one or two the better ones and I probably add it somewhere down here like a trust section all right we have some review links here but we don’t really have the authority directories I’d add them here if I had them you know I’d have like a better

Business bureau badge and maybe best of the web badge or whatever and I’d link to our profiles there I don’t have it so I don’t I can’t show you but I would definitely do it if I had it and it’s very important to all right these authority directories are

Definitely important to to link to the next thing is reviews add links to review sites whether you have a TripAdvisor whatever you have for us we don’t really have much we have a Facebook and we have a Google so I just link to Facebook and Google using images

See the hyperlink down there there’s Facebook there is Google now Google let me click on that just to show you now I have it linking right to where it’ll send you the route it takes right to the review section if you’re logged in so there’s our I definitely one that I

Like definitely include these no matter what try to include some review links if you ever go through the three pack and just look at how many of the top sites have links to the review sites I know you know core correlation doesn’t always equal causation but the majority of the

Top sites have them I like to have them as well right just makes sense next thing I do is some inner linking I’ll show you a live example of interlinking so I have some links back to our location page we just show you one here and when I do my order linking

I put it it’s not formatted perfectly I did it fast um but I put it in context and I use exact match right so I use an exact match link as those inner link and I either an inner page or a blog post decide to it then get right back to your

Location page like that so we have some inner links going on I don’t have any of these right now supporting Geo pages I don’t think I really need them if you were in like a hyper-competitive environment or maybe a big city where you know multiple snack packs are coming

Up and you’re really trying to get to optimize on like a neighborhood level I’d probably add some supporting Geo pages and then just link back to our target pages again using exact match when I say exact match you can vary it you can vary it up a little you don’t

Have to use like you can put like SEO agency in near you know or switch the terms up but you definitely want to make it very very close to being exact match and then I would make sure when I do my supporting geo pages I just don’t um don’t put your keyword

Plus location in that page other than your exact match link because what you can do with these supporting geo pages is you can push links to them and you can fuse them as funnels the funnel link juice back to your location page and you just don’t want to you don’t want to

Fall afoul of cannibalization so if you have these pages with your keyword location so if I had like five SEO tips Hannover PA or something right I have SEO Hanover PA if I have that on the page other than my exact match link and I start hitting this page with links

Like there’s a chance this page could outrank or cannibalize my local page right um so that’s why I’m very careful about what I what I title pages as and how I use my keywords on that hopefully that makes sense I wish I had an example of it I just

Didn’t feel like sitting and writing of Geo page this the next thing is a Google+ badge I used to do it all the time I added it here just because I mean it you can put it but I don’t think it’s necessary anymore just because Google

Plus and GM B’s not attached you can see I have one here in the widget if you want to put it it’s very easy just follow this link and it’s very easy to create one and you just put it in as a JavaScript not super important next thing is kind of an old-school

Thing that I like to do is an HTML sitemap I also do all my other sitemaps don’t get that wrong I do all of those I do XML I also do a geo sitemap which I’ll talk to you about in a second I like to do a HTML sitemap

What that looks like so it’s actually an HTML file actually use a program called find what it’s called it’s called a one sitemap generator it’s loaded it’s pretty cool makes it easy to generate these sitemaps I’m not gonna go into any detail you can

Figure out how to use it if you want to do it but what are HTML sitemap looks like is this it’s basically a link of all of our P not all of our pages there’s actually other pages that aren’t linked I removed a bunch of just you

Know the things I don’t want them to see this is just the top level most important ones then what I do is I go in and as I’m optimizing these pages actually gonna die change these to make sure I have my keyword in the anchor

Text um so you can see we get our keyword right here and we’re using I mean it’s it’s it’s two keywords in one but it’s pretty much exact match right SEO Hannover pa web design Hanover PA and again what I can do I can push links

To the site map if I want all right if that makes sense a lot of this stuff is about buffering about not only is it buffering but it’s also the words and phrases that are inside your anchor text they play important part and that’s more so with GMB stuff pushing the links you

Know that’s if you know we’re gonna make a push organically to because organic a lot of times does go with GMB but just some more advanced tricks and tactics you can use let’s go back here so talked about the HTML sitemap the next thing I

Do on page 4 local is I’ll use your Lu Kwesi Oh plug-in you don’t have to it is a paid plugin there’s there’s a little bit of a learning curve to it I like it because of a couple of things you can do with it a couple of things

I’m going to show you today is it automatically generates json-ld for you and puts it in when you use your short codes I also set up location pages so so when you use Yoast if you have multi location you actually go in and set up Yoast location pages and then what I

Like to do with those is I like to 301 them to my actual location pages if it’s a single location you don’t do that obviously because it’ll set it you can set up as the home page but when you’re talking multi locations I always 301 them back to the actual location pages

And again that 301 redirect again you know it’s it adds gyah relevancy because it’s it’s it’s like a it’s some similar to a link right so it’s a link from a location page to another location page so you get that gia relevancy going through there that I showed you in some

Of the patents it talks about but if you’re doing anything with organic you can also use it to push links and to buffer links that way as well what if you set up yours you have to figure out Google API keys to use the map portion of it it allows you to

Insert Maps store finders and then the business information as well and then the other thing that I really like is it submits a geo sitemap which is your KML file to Google search console so let’s go look at some of that so this is

Used the store part of it we go into my page it’s you can see Yoast gives you the option to add a map add the address Adler store our opening hours add a locator if you add the map yeah unfortunately I can’t get it to add on

This theme I’m using like a really weird theme here the site’s designed very a lot of parts of it’s hard code and stuff so some of the stuff doesn’t short codes don’t always work the address section I did get to work though and that’s this section here and it automatically adds

Json-ld to your page when you do that and you can do it page by page which is very nice right you can also add a store locator I’ll just show you let’s take a look at the json-ld here that it puts on here we go so this is a part it adds

Here it adds a json-ld right here very very nice JA JSON script so it automatically in sorts search that again you don’t have to use it I like to use it just because there’s so much you can do with it I like the kick adding the geo sitemap the KML files

I like the JSON automatically done with you for you the store locator is cool when you get to work and the mat thing is pretty cool too doesn’t might not always work with all themes depends on your theme if you’re not using use you definitely want to add

Json-ld you can create validate and paste json-ld your page we have a good generator I’ll show you at web 20 it’s pretty cool because it’ll pour the info right from Google Maps as always you have an address that’s visible otherwise you just use the other but if you have

Verified GMB with the visible address just click here makes it super easy just put the business name and you can see it pulls it right now you have to add some stuff here but most of let me just without adding anything else let me just submit and it you’ll see the schema oops

Yeah all right so it’s gonna make me put something there give me a second let me just I want to show you this because it’s really cool oops wrong one now go I’ll just use the same one and you see if it let’s just submit now yeah so it makes you put

Something there this is that option we can put your your same as info here your business description if you have a Wikipedia page contact email contact us page you can change your all your schema stuffs in here if you want to change it but just by putting this it

Automatically pulls all your other info it pulls your coordinates it pulls your address it pulls a short description cash credit card it pulls your stuff right from your GMB listing your Google Maps all that stuff gets pulled in so that’s that’s really cool then you can just test your schema right here it

Opens up a new tab you can just copy and paste it over there so very easy to just make your own JSON and then what I do is I use this plugin called so go allows us to put it page by page and here’s an

Example JSON I made if you ever want to make one and test it or take a look at what ours looks like but that’s basically our on-page step-by-step guide that we’re using and you can see what it what it looks like when it’s all done all the different

Elements that we add to a page and all the local relevancy that we’re adding to it as well so hopefully that’s a a decent little training hopefully I answer a lot of the questions that might might have you know a lot of people might have especially about the local

Relevancy stuff um this stuff works if you have any questions contact us at GMB at web 20 Ryker comm or you can hit me up on facebook messenger thanks for watching

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