Mise à jour Contentomatic ArticleForge : Extraire les mots-clés des fichiers txt

Le plugin Contomatic est mis à jour, il est capable de récupérer des mots-clés à partir de fichiers txt et de les envoyer à ArticleForge ! Pour plus de détails, regardez…

Hey guys and welcome back to new video on this channel I’m Sabi from coach Evolution so I present to you a new update for the content-ematic plugin as the article Forge Post generator part of it got improved and now it will be able to use keyword list in txt files so text

Files will be able to be used and the plugin will be able to extract uh keywords from the text files and use them to generate articles using article Force so for this you will need to upload your text files to a hosting and get the URL of the text file so I have

Here an example text file with two lines so homemade pasta and chili recipe so let’s paste simply the URL of the text file found on my server and save settings so I will launch the article generation right now in content-o-matic as article Forge takes a couple of minutes until they generate the article

And we can follow the progress using the logs of the plugins so we can see here that generating article using article Forge for keyword chili recipe which was extracted from the text file making where to article Forge and the progress can be seen here this is

0.26 means that it’s 26 percent done so the article is 26 percent done so if you haven’t heard of content automatic I will leave it in this video’s description you will find the link there and you will be able to check the plugin it’s at a low price right now so

Processing is still uh working here so 51 percent article Forge is currently generating our article for the keyword cherry recipe and if we rerun the rule another time the plugin will once again extract the keyword from the text file and once again post content based on that keyword so

This is how this new update will work in content thematics so yeah 64 percent and let’s check or also the front end of our site is empty and the plugin will generate the contents soon and uh the chili recipe article will be ready for us in no time as we reached 67 percent

Progress on the article generation so as you can see start the start of the processing the progress jumps to 26 percent and then it goes uh in a linear way four or three four percent per tick and each tick is in a 10 second interval okay so uh Let me refresh this once

Again 77 so bear with me guys we are nearly there and we are doing immediately a touchdown and we will get an article generated here by article Forge based on this keyword text file and yeah let’s refresh it again 81 we are closer to the Finish now and we will

Be able soon to check our article based on our keywords from the text file so yeah article Forge is a bit slow as uh they generate the article in a couple of minutes however I must admit that the quality of the article Bay that they generate is

Really good so they provide high quality articles which are also unique and uh yeah they will not get duplicate content penalty so yeah you can check their services so we are at 85 percent now this is good news as we are progressing a bit slower so as you can see progress

Slowed down around seventy five percent from three percent per tick so per 10 second interval to one two and even one percent per 10 second intervals So based on this and it’s done so yeah it’s really funny that we were at 85 percent and the next

Stick said that and it’s done okay so now let’s refresh here it is a featured image of a chili which is really good looking on a spoon here and the article is really high quality as you can see so and also YouTube video at the bottom here there so yeah it’s a

Really really well written article and uh it was extracted from our text file so yeah this is all for today check the your latest update for content-o-matic it is linked in this video description if you have ideas suggestions or any idea that you want to tell me let me

Know in the comments of this video it is really appreciated like subscribe share thank you for watching bye bye

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