Logiciel AI = automatisation YouTube (sans chaînes faciales) – DÉMO COMPLÈTE à l’aide d’un logiciel AI pour l’automatisation

Logiciel AI = YouTube Automation (No Face Channels) ➡️➡️ Article Forge (essai GRATUIT): …

Hello in this video we’re going to talk about how to use AI software to create YouTube automation channels or faceless YouTube video channels so welcome to my channel new internet wealth Please Subscribe if it’s your first time being here and let’s go ahead and Jump Right

In about what we’re going to talk about in this video so what we’re going to cover for we’re going to talk about again using artificial intelligence software to create uh essentially automated videos where you don’t have to show your face you don’t have to talk you don’t have to do anything but these

Videos you can then upload to Youtube and once your channel is monetized you can make money through AdSense but even better you can make money through affiliate commissions okay so uh what we’re going to talk about first you want to choose a niche and for this this

Video we’re going to use an example of yoga that’s going to be our Niche yoga next you want to find an affiliate product we’re going to go over to ClickBank and I’m going to show you how to do that then we’re going to get a script created for our video and I’m

Going to show you an AI software I use to do this very quickly and very easily and then we need to turn that script into a video and there’s another AI software that I use which you’ll see that will take that script and turn it into a really high quality video that

People want to watch so make sure you watch all the way because I’m going to take you through this step by step you’ll see everything as we’re doing it okay so first we chose our Niche we’re going to do yoga for this example now we’re going to go see about finding

An affiliate product that we want to promote because we always want to be thinking about what you want to promote you don’t want to make a video just to make a video you want to make a video because ultimately you’re going to be encouraging people to check out something that they should purchase

Maybe it’s a yoga mat on Amazon in this case there’s a couple good yoga products on ClickBank so let’s go over to my ClickBank account here we are in the marketplace let me type in and search for yoga and what we’ll see uh gravity we have gravity sorted high

To low I’m not sure why I put shapeshifter yoga up first because this gravity score is not so great but this is a good product that converts well so you could use it this is the product I had in mind um yoga burn it’s got a gravity score of

21 and a half so it sells very well this score has been higher in the past it’s been lower in the past but this has been something that’s sold a long time as it says 1.3 million happy customers and so uh an average conversion of 184 dollars

Per sale pretty nice okay and so you basically just click uh promote um you know put in your nickname tracking ID if you want create your hop link and copy that hop link we’ll put that over here on a notepad and but this is where again you’d want to be sending people

In the description box when you load the upload the video to YouTube so now we got our product step three we need to create a script I’m going to use an a I show you the AI software I use it is called article Forge we’ll talk about

Pricing here in a second they do have a free trial which I’d encourage you to give a go and if you want I’ll put the description box down in the link a link down in the description box I should say it is my affiliate link so obviously I

Can make a commission if you decide to purchase although it does not cost you anything extra to do that so I’ve been using article Forge for about a year to create really unique high quality content for my videos some of my channels as well as some of my blogs

It’s very reasonable it’s very good content it works okay so um I would definitely encourage you to check it out now let’s go ahead and jump into my account let’s go to new article and basically this is how simple it is to set up creating a new article um let’s see

Let’s do an article benefits of yoga as you get older okay and that’ll be our keyword we’re going after you can choose your language and you can choose the article length Okay so it could be very short uh short about 250 words medium 500 Words long 750 or

Very long so about 750 words is almost um it’s about a hundred words a minute so uh 750 words is gonna be about a seven and a half minute video let’s just make a short one for this example you can put in some keywords sub of keywords if you want

Um I’m not necessarily going to do that um you can go ahead and just let article Forge create that for you and then if there’s any topics you don’t want in here and this would be more like if you’re doing a maybe a review video about something about a specific product

And you don’t want the competitor being mentioned in that article then you could maybe doing reviews about Nike sneakers and you don’t want information about Adidas or Reebok or Puma sneakers in here so you could use that okay now this is more for blogging I usually

Add an image add a video obviously we’re not doing that we just need an article for our script so let’s go ahead and create a new article and so that’s how quickly you can get the process started now this will take a few minutes article Forge is going out it’s doing

The research it’s compiling the article and this will be done in a few minutes here you can see the progress bar moving across pretty quickly all the prayers articles so let me just talk about article Forge real quick while we’re waiting for this to finish all your

Previous articles are in this section so it saves everything that you’ve made you if you’re using a goodies article Forge for blogging you can connect your WordPress website to it because then you can actually schedule articles to be created and automatically posted to your WordPress blog which is a really really

Nice feature because then it just runs on autopilot and you have essentially an auto blog okay your usage information API keys they did have a really nice affiliate program and their tutorial help center as well so as this is continuing to move along let me just talk real quick about the AI

Software again we need to once we get this script we’re going to turn it into a video and we’re going to use AI software for that as well and that program is called Victory so a picture I’ve had for well over a year is a great program it is fantastic

Um can’t speak highly enough about it you can use it in so many different ways I’m not going to go into all of those in this video because I’m just going to stick to turning this script into a video but there is a lot of different

Ways that you can use pick tree they have a free trial as well so again I’ll leave a link for that in the description box down below if you want to give it a free try but it is really really powerful software that is super easy to use and

Makes some really nice videos okay so it is still creating this article so while it’s doing that I guess let’s just talk real quick so uh pricing for article Forge again you get a five day free trial okay I would take advantage of that you know set up a free account

Um and then go and just man knock out some articles you know give give it our you know uh give it a good spin around the block you know download your articles um you can go down here and um you know they have monthly pricing yearly pricing depending on how many

Words per month okay and so if you do yearly pricing you can get it down as for 25 000 words a month you can pay month to month twenty seven dollars or you can save 50 to get an annual plan and pay but for 13 a month you’re

Getting 25 000 words a month and so if you’re using this to create again uh videos that are 500 word scripts I mean you could literally bake what is that 60 videos a month or about 25 000 word blog posts um you can article Forge it’ll make 1500

Word articles which you know for your blog which is great it’ll pass copyscape I’ll show you that when this is done like I said you can connect it to automatically post to your blog if you’re using it for blogging and um yeah I mean the price is definitely

Worth it it is very very reasonable okay so here our article is done click here to see the results so let’s see what it came up with okay so here we go the benefits of yoga as you get older yoga can be a great way to improve your

Overall health of an older adult with a steady and consistent practice seniors can enjoy a wide variety of benefits from increased flexibility and strength to improved balance these changes can also reduce the risk of Falls additionally a regular yoga practice may help keep chronic conditions at Bay so

You can see it reads really well nicely laid out I’m not going to read through it all obviously uh you know if you want the HTML to import into your blog you can output it I’m going to go ahead and save this and it’ll be saved under my articles but

You can output it as a text file HTML file PDF file or if your WordPress blog is connected okay what I’m going to do is let’s copy this though let me go and paste that into copyscape you can see I’m starting at 8.19 let’s do a search on this article

And you can see it went down uh from 819 to 813 I spent six cents running it through copyscape and you can see no results were found for this 501 word article so you know we said we went to 500 word article and it gave us 501 so

Pretty darn good and it’s Unique there’s nothing else out there on the internet uh that is this article okay not even a portion of it uh was found out on the internet so you because you do want it to be unique it has to be unique um if you’re uploading this to YouTube

Okay so let’s go ahead and let’s go into my picture account um let me just jump back to okay here we are this is where we need to be so when you log in this is your home screen in Pick 3 and it can make videos and all the it

Can do all these different things these different four things that are shown here we are working only on this script to video that’s what we’re doing so let’s proceed with that um yeah they can give you give it a title again this is I think benefits of yoga

As you get older uh and then you just paste in our text here our article okay and then there’s some scene settings oops let me get myself out of the way sorry um scene settings Auto highlight keywords you can turn that on or off okay add visual uh Auto visual selection

Meaning it’s going to find the vid the video clips to use so if you want to totally customize it turn it off or but this is the AI part and then you want to create new scenes on uh if there’s a sentence break and a line break I usually just put both okay

And let’s go ahead and click proceed next it’s going to ask us to choose a template library or you can make your own template and basically if you hover over it you’ll see how the words you know are introduced okay some of them will open like that this one I

Think slides in from the left so you just pick which one you like I typically go with this Metro caption just because it keeps it right along the bottom with kind of a bar across the bottom so I’m going to select that this is YouTube video so we

Want 16 by 9 ratio but you can do vertical videos and square videos as well let’s hit continue and now what picture is going to do is it is going out and it is creating finding the scenes to create this video okay and so while it’s doing that

Let me I’m going to put the video on pause for just a second it’ll do it pretty quickly you can see it’s seven percent completed but I’m gonna put the video on pause for just a second okay sorry shortly after I paused it it finished so it actually is pretty quick

It usually only takes maybe two or three minutes sometimes up to five minutes uh it did it much quicker than I thought it was going to and so even though I put it on pause um I probably didn’t need to and so you can see this was a 501 word article and

So it says it’s gonna the video is going to be about four minutes long just over four minutes so you know it is roughly 80 to 100 words per minute typically so let’s talk about what you can do inside the picture editor here okay so down the

Left side you have kind of the main menu right now we’re in the story section these are our scenes so you can see the words for each scene over here scene one scene two Scene Three again you see those same scenes across the bottom I’ve seen one scene two Scene Three and so

You can change scenes um let’s say let’s go to scene four and now it’ll show scene four or you could have clicked on the video down here and it would have pulled up scene four as well okay so now you can do some editing so let’s say

Um uh you know we don’t really care for this you know it’s talking about risk mitigation but we’re really talking about risk of fall so we can go to the visuals section and let’s click on fall and see so you know it’s bringing it fall of the season and so we

May need to you know type in person falling okay there it knows that’s what we want and so this is where you know you could find a video that might be similar to what you’re wanting here Um just looking real quick oh there’s a obviously like an older person falling because that’s kind of what we’re talking about here um so again you can go through let’s just I’m gonna just pick one let’s pick this one it’ll automatically substitute that video okay so these changes can

Also reduce the risk of falling well there he is he’s falling um he looks a little older and then you can move on to the next scene also like this now you can change and once you click on the text inside the video you can change the font

I like to use I mean you can use really any you know there’s a lot of great fonts in here this quicksand you know I think looks good um I also use Roboto quite a bit easy to read kind of modern but then you would do and then change the font you

Know if that’s a good font if you’ll make it a little smaller you can you can make everything bold you can change again the text styling if you want every single letter capitalized every single letter small a mix Etc you can Center it left right you can change oops

The backgrounds or the text color itself I should say the background color if you don’t like that yellow you can change it to any color you want and the highlighted words color so you could basically I’m just trying to show you have complete control over how you’re

Making this now you do want to apply that to all once you have that set up and now it’ll apply to every single scene in the video and not just this scene okay you all have some options here you can record a voiceover just for this scene you can preview just the

Scene delete this scene you can trim this scene you have settings here that you can do just for the scene or apply to all as well so again it’s got a ton of features I’m not going to go through all of them for sake of time but

As you can tell it can do a lot okay um let’s jump over here you can also upload your own uh images and videos if you want and then on audio they you can choose your background music you can apply it you can preview it so you hear what it sounds like again

They have over 15 000 tracks available so tons you can sort it by mood purpose genre duration you know so tons of flexibility voiceover they have some really good built-in AI voiceovers I think that 42 of them right now you can sort by male female by region you can

Preview it so if you want to hear what it sounds like it has been shut um you can apply it let’s go and apply that okay so now we’re using this voice over for the video and it’s going to apply that you can choose your audio settings the background music could

Probably make a little lower since we do have a voiceover um it does automatically lower that as well and you can upload your own voice over so if you want to record it on Audacity if you want to pay someone maybe to do a voiceover for it you can

Upload it and use that as the voiceover the text again you can just change how things look the Style again you can have um you know this is the style that we’re using you could change these if you want you can create your own um branding so if you don’t have a logo

You can have a logo and choose where you want it to be positioned on the intro the outro if you want it on the scenes so it shows up on every so if you want to customize the video with your logo or a client logo you can do that and then

You can change again the ratio so you know we did set this up front but if you decide you want to change it or maybe you make it this way you can come back in you can say and now I want to make it vertical for Facebook you can come back

And do that and then you can output in 720 or 1080p you can preview the video so you can see what it looks like before you generate it and then when you’re ready you just click generate video and it’s going to spit out a video for you

And so that is how you use AI software to make basically an automated YouTube channel where you don’t have to show your vase you don’t have to show your voice when you upload this to YouTube then in the description box below the video you would link to that yoga burn

Product that we found over on ClickBank okay and you could um oops at the end uh let’s go to story we can go to the very last scene okay and then you can add a scene of text only and in that scene you know you could put um C link and description

For awesome yoga burn course or you know something like that right and so you can you can do that as a call to action you can make uh you know have a nice little background or yeah again you can go and change add this to however you want so that is how

You do it I hope you found this helpful if so please you know like the video I appreciate you watching leave a a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel so you can get more information as it comes out thanks so much

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