Les suspensions régulières de GMB peuvent être dues à l’arrivée d’une nouvelle méthode de vérification

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Still seeing the suspensions roll through yeah you see me with big ones coming this is the once a week when you were saying for the past four weeks really wow so it’s it’s deadly out there you know still people looking to look in to buy and build the blackout listings

They want I just pump your brakes for a while let the dust settle yeah I stopped myself here it seems like it seems like new new verification methods are getting patched quick some one I hate to talk about it’s almost like we talked about the GMB and blackout unity too often

It’s like it’s a lot and the girls just looking through the group to find a good question to answer oh it’s just GMB relates it’s its tires it’s tiring but like if you see a new message come out and it gets sold immediately to the public and cheap it’s

Gonna stay away yeah it’s like a 24-hour patch like people are people are now quickly selling methods because they’re not they’re not getting sustainable results rubber verifying and it’s like just just stay away for a little no one wants to listen to my advice on that

People people want to turn and burn but 24 hours that isn’t enough that’s not about church we’re gonna burn this up it’s too quick of a bird that can be there soon yeah good great hat in your long-term but we’re gonna get remote office take some pictures phrases or

Sorry whatever we see a lot of 200 300 bucks again it’s like and then I burn with their 20 30 40 bucks okay man just stay away went on oh man there’s much better ways to do it more long-term more sustainable he even bring it up again it’s the

Accident it’s a constant thing

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