La meilleure ferme pour l’exploitation minière | août 2020 | Radeon RX 5600XT

Commencer l’exploitation minière – Collecté la meilleure ferme minière en août 2020 ! Couru à travers…

Hi! I’m Fёdor at Kryptex. August is coming to an end, so it’s time to enjoy the new Mining Rig of the Month episode! August makes us happy about BTC rocketing and through-the-roof profits and does the opposite regarding the GPU prices.

So if considering to buy a new rig, it’s better to do it right now. My eye fell onto RX 5600 XT cards this month. The model has exactly the same GPU-chip the RX 5700 does, but carries just 6Gb of memory, which’s size shrinking was done via simple removal of two memory banks

Which also limited the bandwidth apart from the size. That is why 5600 XT gets only 40-42 MH/s at ETH compared to 50+ Mh/s of 5700 & 5700 XT. Though, 5600 XT greatly wins by price. According to Yandex.Market (CIS price aggregator), card sells for around $330-350.

I personally prefer Gigabyte’s option for just about $330. The model has a single 8-pin power connector, thus it is possible to power up 6-8 of these GPUs using just one PSU. I like the number 6 here: 6Gb, 6 GPUs… and 5(!)6(!)00.

So let’s do the math now: 6×5600 XTs ~ 6x$330 ~ $2,000 I also grab a suitable motherboard for the rig: Esonic H81 It is capable of handling 6 GPUs. And all of that for just $65. Now we choose the cheapest CPU compatible: Intel Celeron. Just $30.

The price on the screen ($9) goes for a second-hand CPU. And that’s the perfect option, since it saves money! CPUs are rarely going down on its own, and one is very limited with options to kill them. Most probably, the option at Market is simply a reverted purchase.

For the purpose of video, I’m still sticking with the full price of $30. The cheapest available RAM module of 4Gb adds another $17. We are forced to use DDR3 for that build. And another $15-20 for the most affordable SSD. Six GPU risers with accessories make that another $28-30.

For the PSU, I’d chosen that Segotep 1250W. It has full-modular design, can power up 6 GPUs, and is certified at 80+ Gold. And, what’s important, costs just $70! On top of that I get nearly any CPU cooler for as cheap as possible. In total, ‘the system’ costs us around $200-210.

Brand-new components right from the shelves. Though, Craigslist can help save a bit by choosing used hardware. Now, we sum the system and 6xGPU, round a bit, and we get roughly $2250-2300. What’s next is profitability estimations. 5600 XT is not that power hungry,

Though, I decided to calculate the profits using not the perfect downwolt and overclock settings. I used the profile available to everyone without eternity spent on tuning. Each of 5600 XT in that profile draws 110W. Make that 6 and get 660W in total. Add CPU consumption to that and it is 720W.

Bring 90% PSU efficiency now, the rig draws exactly 800W. I put stress that settings I’ve used are the of a lazy kind. and it is absolutely possible to get even below 700W of total draw. The only trade off is time spent on finding the equilibrium. Each GPU gets 42 MH/s at ETH.

Make that 6 again: 252 MH/s. Now I enter all the gathered data into Kryptex mining calculator. First, results which consider free electricity. And we get $11/day! Then, electricity bill rises for $.05/kWh, which is an average in Russia. The profitability in that scenario is $10/day and the payback period is just 229 days.

That’s the rig of the month! And what’s very important after building such a machine is to download and install Kryptex! Download the app using the link in the description! Like the video, subscribe, and turn on the notification bell to never miss new videos! New GPUs’ mining tests are coming soon. See you!

Having rigs in Kryptex running means having much more money.

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