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Jasper AI Recipes Cold Email Video Jasper Free Trial & Bonus Dans cette vidĂ©o, vous apprendrez …

Hello and welcome to this video where I’m going to be going over the jasper.ai recipes specifically when it comes to cold email consider this an AI cold email tutorial where it’s going to pretty much create what you need to send out to someone after including their name getting some details so if you’d

Like to follow along I will put my link Down Below in the description and if you click that you can get a free trial and many bonus words for Jasper let’s continue so here I am in the dashboard if you want to follow along you’re going

To want to go to recipes there’s going to be a recipe called cold email which will look something like this and this is a very simple recipe it’s kind of like baking a cake it tells you what you need to add here and then of course it

Shows you what you need to do in case that looks like a foreign language or you don’t quite understand that I will show you in this video so let’s click on run and give it a sec alright so this is very easy all we need to do is add in

The product name I’m just going to be using Jasper to talk about Jasper so jasper.ai and I went to their main home page and simply got their description oops I’m going to open this in notepad I copied it with the black in the background so make it look a little better perfect

Okay so just following along obviously you’re probably not going to be putting Jasper in here but if you have your own product or someone else’s the name and just a description and simply from that you’re going to be good to go you can always add a little bit more in your

Description for example I think I will in this all right so I put you can also use Jasper to create content for your blog videos grips emails ads social media paste paste and social media posts and so much more so here is the very easy part write an Aida for the product

Above Aida is a copywriting Formula which stands for attention interest desire and attention so I’m going to go through these short codes as I usually do when I start a recipe video so let’s go right here and the main thing you’re probably going to want to use is a

Jasper command so if you’re on a Mac it’s holding CMD and then hitting enter if you’re like me on a PC you’re going to hold control and then hit enter so for me I’m going to put my cursor right there hold Ctrl and hit enter and just like that it’s going to create

The Aida formula for us and I’ll just hit enter so you can read it are you looking for a way to create amazing content quickly and easily look no further than Jasper talk us about what you can do with what I wrote in the description having access to Unlimited

Supply of fresh ideas and New Perspectives on any topic or project that’s also a nice little angle I guess you could say because there’s a lot of ideas you can get from doing it for in terms of content and marketing and angles copywriting Platformers constantly learning from your feedback

And of course an action is going to be sign up now for a free trial of Jasper today so pretty much all this is context that we have for Jasper now we have the last part which is going to be very easy I’ll use my name in this just as an

Example so convert the attention interest desire and action into a cold email to James so this is going to be wrapped up in a nice little bow and by that or all this right here and what I mean by that is going to be excuse me I was highlighting too much

This formula right here is going to be a cold email that we can send as someone named James I’m going to hold Ctrl and hit enter all right so first things first I realize the output length was medium so it got cut off and didn’t do too much no

Problem what I want to do is hold Ctrl and hit Z and go back to where we had it originally now I’m going to do output length and I’m going to go back again once again hold Ctrl and hit enter okay perfect so something to keep in

Mind if you are going to do a cold email you’re probably going to want to do the longer output like if you do shorter or medium you’re not going to get enough but let’s actually look at this cold email all of it is right here so dear

James are you looking for a way to create amazing content quickly and easy if so look no further than jasper.ai the powerful AI content platform designed to help you break through creative blocks and generate original content 10x faster with its AI powered engine you can craft engaging stories with ease no matter the

Kind of project you’re working on it’s kind of skimming through right then let’s go to the last one imagine how much more efficient your workflow could be if you had access to it sign up for a free trial Jasper is ready to help you craft amazing content in record time

Cheers your name overall not bad especially when you consider this is a cold email it uses the formula with the Aida and because of that with the product description I think it did pretty well in terms of talking about what it has as you can see right here

This is what I put in the description so I stand corrected when we created this it utilized all this as you can see when I I added in this little extra about how it talks about what you can use for more features it mentioned that right about I

Just lost it already here we are right there so perfect that’s an example of using a Jasper recipe when it comes to creating cold emails using AI if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment down below and if you want to try out Jasper I will leave my link Down

Below in the description where you can get a free trial with many bonus words thank you so much for watching and I will see you in my next video

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