Jasper.ai Art Review & Demo (Text To Image Generator AI)

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Hello and welcome to my jasper.ai art review where i’m going to be going over this text to image generator ai software in fact this is a new feature that just came out with jasper so any customers that are currently using jasper can use this for an extra of 20 dollars per

Month allow me to show you what it’s all about how it works and so on and so forth if you’d like to follow along or test it out i will put a link down below where you’ll get more details about what it has in store in terms of the features

And the pricing let’s begin so one of the coolest things about this is that one it’s going to be pretty easy to use if you’ve used jasper before it works in a very similar fashion where you’re going to put in a description of what you want to create and there are a lot

Of different ways to kind of create flexible images you have your styles that you can change around your mediums your artist your style some cool ones there you have your mood and of course keywords this was just an example of painting a portrait of a raccoon astronaut this is an example that’s

Shown on the jasper art website and i wanted to recreate it because i think it just looks phenomenal but continuing on i’m going to go through a few more examples and do some as well for this one i put a beautiful allen with the bluest water around it which is exactly

What you’re getting here if we wanted to change up the styles we can do that let’s for example i’m just gonna go 3d render click on create and show you what we get and just like that we have a 3d render of what we’re looking for maybe

It looks too much render-ish on that one but the cool thing about this is that it is unlimited at the time of creating this when it comes to creating how much you know images you want so that’s a really good thing let’s go with van gogh

Click on create and see what we get and there you have it van gogh as you’ve probably seen before that looks phenomenal let’s move on to another one we’re at the miami sunset in 1987 and looks just like it i gave it the retro style because a lot of times when you

Think kind of retro back to the 1980s a lot of that type of music and just overall but we can change this around once again we want to change the style again let’s go with pablo picasso and click on create perfect and something i’ve noticed when it comes to jasper art

Is that the more specific and more descriptive you are the better it’s going to be i’ll talk about that a little more as we get going on let’s do a couple more of these so i had portrait of an older mansion these look fantastic they are portrait style let’s just put

Older mansion here and then we can change this around once again so we have medium classic oil chalk canvas pencil sketch with pencil sketch click on create and the possibilities are really endless not only because you can just tell jasper what it is you want to create but since you have all these

Styles it’s just so much flexibility in terms of what you want to get okay let’s go to this one i do want to show you the free form i was using basic and if you go to freeform it says start with the subject and scene so you can just click

On this button it might say don’t make me think it might you know say something different always it’s kind of a witty thing but it’ll come up with something random so we have scenic mountain range full face portrait line art acrylics if i don’t want that i’ll do a different

One old man in the street black and white salvador dali and charcoal let’s click on create and see what we get there we go scroll down a little just so you can see those better let’s do a couple more galaxy chalk anime photo realistic uh shark underwater highly detailed crayon

And anime that sounds pretty cool let’s do that one that looks phenomenal okay that just looks amazing um and so pretty much all in all freeform is going to be very similar to say like a paragraph generator in jasper it’s like tell jasper what you want to write about and

This it’s more of just tell jasper what image you want to create you know a true text to image generator in terms of an ai software let’s do one more click it a few times if i need to a scenic mountain range i am a sucker for some good

Scenery but bird flying stick figure no once again hey it’s going back to scenic mountain range maybe it wants us to create that one so i’ll do that one okay here we go scenic mountain range some of these are going to be a little bit more different once again the more specific

You are when it comes to this the better the results you’re going to get so sometimes you will have some that are a little bit better than others since that one was all right let’s do skeleton realistic cartoon skeleton squirrel van gogh pencil sketch galaxy pop art robot

Andy warhol we’ll go with that one we’ll have this be our last one for the free form so there we go we have robot andy warhol which i assume that’s his style high resolution and of course cartoons so something else i want to show you are just going to be some examples that

Jasper has you know provided in terms of what they’ve created so film and tv show prompts just examples here uh friends tv shows brady bunch uh wizard of oz movie that’s cool like double 07. uh wallace and gromit that’s great uh harry potter let’s go back there lighting indoor artificial

High key lighting warm lighting cool lighting low-key lighting and when you look at it these oops i can’t copy those but you’ll see the examples of what it used and like i said the more detail you go into it like what it says right here insane detail uh photo realistic ice

Rink looks much better that way when you add more to it um some good examples that looks i was gonna say that looks like tom cruise there you go it is tom cruise there you go uh and scrolling through do a few more or a couple more what else we got here photographer

Prompts perfect this is great because you won’t need to take any photography these are going to be using ai so that can kind of reduce a lot of the stock images if you’re going to be uh using those something i’ve noticed with the faces you probably need a few more

Clicks in terms of generating as faces can sometimes be a little bit weird like there’s a few imperfections here and there but that’s what i like about it being unlimited character and cartoon why not that looks great once again this looks like a marvel superhero type of thing illustrations is

Also fantastic oprah winfrey that one’s great and so on and so forth so taking a look at this it’s actually going to be 20 a month but keep in mind at the time of creating this you need to use jasper with it so given the fact jasper’s

Lowest monthly price is going to be 29 a month you’re looking at 49 a month total so with the pros and cons pretty much what i love about this and what i think can be improved so first and foremost this software is just so much fun i just

Once i got it i just i had a big ear-to-ear smile on my face it’s so cool to be able to take text put something in turn it into an image using this generation software i think it’s just a lot of fun i think you’re

Gonna have a lot of fun with it too it’s very flexible as i talked about and showed in just all these examples we have styles that we can edit around the mediums we have our artist in specific style we have moods and we have keywords we can mix and match with that and

Because of that there’s just so many possibilities really the the possibilities are endless here it’s also great for a lot of weird art i’ve noticed like because you’re not exactly how often do you see a raccoon as an astronaut you don’t really do that so

When you see it it’s really kind of hard to critique because if you have that raccoon like he’s in space that’s exactly what you’re looking for i think it really excels at that and that’s a cool thing so whatever your niche or your business is or whatever stock

Photos is you can always think about how can i really mix and match to make this as weird and as cool as possible i think it’ll turn a lot of heads get more clicks and obviously more views depending how you’re going to be using it another great thing about this is

That it can replace stock images if you’re someone who buys a lot of those obviously creating your own is going to be a great alternative the fact that you currently get unlimited content is fantastic for 20 a month extra you can click on create as many times as you

Want so even if there are a few duds which happens every now and then still you can just go and create more price right now is very good as well twenty dollars a month extra that’s if you’re using jasper in the first place looking at 49 a month uh in terms of the

Lowest when it comes to using both of those and something else i really like is that hasn’t really gone off the rails very similar to the jasper ai content creation i found out if the content wasn’t good enough or up to my liking i’m probably not describing it as much

As i should as i showed you a lot of these were very uh short in terms of the descriptions but when it went over to something like this we usually had more when it comes to a lot of the filters being added to it for example we have

Earth exciting we also have ambient light and pencil sketch there’s more going on with it and also when you look at these you’ll notice that the descriptions are much longer and look at the quality of the output for example blue tang fish pixel art i mean that’s exactly what you’re getting but usually

If you want something a little bit better a little bit more higher quality you’re gonna have to dive a little bit deeper into the descriptions and that’s not a bad thing at all so something to keep in mind on the other hand i do believe they should have more image

Sizes this is something that can be improved i saved this picture of the raccoon and at this time this is what i’m getting so if i wanted to use this on a website should it be a little bit bigger i think it should be especially if you want to

Make it your main photo it is pretty small so i think something in the future they could certainly add is the ability to kind of customize the image sizes that you want maybe one’s going to be geared towards more of a youtube thumbnail where it’s more of a rectangle

Maybe one’s going to be more for like an avatar kind of like this for like a username or a screen name or a profile picture but if you want a much bigger one maybe for like a desktop background image you’re probably going to need something much bigger i think that would

Be great if they added that in also i’ve noticed that the human faces need a little bit more precision and creation when it comes to creating them for example i did let’s see this one right here i did fitness girl doing bicep curls and yes of course it’s probably not the best

Description when it comes to creating it but if you look at it a lot of times i’ve noticed the faces can get a little bit funny obviously she has massive muscles it’s like what is going on with this one i’m not sure things can come up with that especially when it comes to

Humans so just keep in mind you’re going to need a little bit more precision when it comes to the details the changing around you’ll probably have to hit the create button a little bit more but that’s just something i’ve noticed not as big of a deal especially when you

Take your time you’re more descriptive with it you make it realistic and go from there i think you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for as an example i did another one when it comes to humans portrait of a beautiful woman great smile brown hair realistic

Full face portrait and as you can see right here the results are going to be so much better not that that’s a bad thing i think it can be improved as it goes on like i said it’s still in beta but you’re gonna need a little bit more

Precision a little bit more details and hitting that create button when it comes to humans overall but is certainly capable of creating some amazing art in that department so overall is jasper.art worth it of course especially if you’re going to be using it obviously i would certainly love to see more image sizes

Available for saving to create those much bigger pictures when you need them but aside from that this is so much fun it’s a great price the fact that it comes with unlimited content at the time of creating this it’s great for a lot of those weird ideas that really come

Together well and just overall a fun ride when it comes to using software it kind of sounds like i’m describing a movie but i’ve had so much fun using this just it’s just something you don’t see very often and i think should at least check it out try it out if you’re

Really interested in it and that’s about it i will leave a link down below in case you want to check that out along with the jasper software itself if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment down below and that’s about it thank you so much for watching my

Jasper.ai art review hope you got some value out of this my name is james and i will see you in the next video

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