Hogwarts Legacy – 6 passages secrets et emplacements de salles cachées !

Hogwarts Legacy Secrets – 6 emplacements de passages secrets et de salles cachées que vous pouvez trouver dans le gameplay de Hogwarts Legacy sans …
His six secret passages and hidden areas you may have missed in Hogwarts Legacy sponsored by Warner Brothers starting out with a secret passage only some of you can enter Because have you ever wondered what happens if you try and sneak into the Hufflepuff common room when you’re not a Hufflepuff well unlike

All of the other common rooms in the game the Hufflepuff common room for some reason has a hidden trap that attacks students trying to sneak in traditionally real Hufflepuff students can enter their common room by tapping the oak barrels in the correct places and in the rhythm of Helga Hufflepuff

Helga Hufflepuff but as a security deter to repel non-hufflepuffs who are likely to fail the combination the door will instead drench the interloper in vinegar as hilarious as it is to watch Harry Potter getting drenched in vinegar I can’t help but think that blinding people like this for trying to get into

A common room is a little bit harsh maybe even a bit Dangerous by comparison none of the other common rooms have this crazy trap system that stops trespasses now if you’re in Hufflepuff during the cut scene you’ll know that Professor Weasley was even fearful of failing the

Password in case she got soaked in vinegar I will explain what to do but I hesitate to do it myself as one Arabs knock leads to being doused in vinegar most unpleasant but don’t worry here’s some secret passages that you actually can get inside with the second one

Ironically being an inaccessible door if you’re wondering Hogwarts Castle you might come across this door it has no staircase leading to it it doesn’t look like there’s any ladders or way to access it in fact should be forgiven for thinking that it wasn’t even a door at

All so to get to this location you’re going to want to come across the Hogwarts South exit across the wooden bridge through the courtyard and then to the clock tower Courtyard you can see that’s the Fast Travel point on the left we’re gonna come through this door and

Run straight across to the other side and then we’re going to turn right after this and then we’re going to go up these stairs there’s actually tons of musician portraits just here run straight to the top of the stairs if you turn around you’ll see there’s actually a door just

There but there’s no way to access it come to the top of the stairs however and you’ll find this frog you can actually enter the Frog and it teleports you into this room lumos there’s actually tons of leftover ones in this room and you can also find a treasure

Chest just here with a unique wand handle and then to get out of this room just drop back down this door thirdly we have the super secret tapestry Gallery which I actually found by accident because I thought I was just running into a wall while not paying attention

To find this secret for yourself you’re going to want to come to the main entrance of Hogwarts Castle just outside here on the map where I’m standing from the fountain here turn around and run back inside the castle then we’re going to take a right and we’re going to go through this door

Underneath here then we’re going to run downstairs and take a right through this door and now you’ll see this portrait in front of you now even if you use revelio there’s nothing weird about this portrait so most of the time I was actually completely ignoring it and just carrying

On down the stairs but what you’ll find is if you walk towards the k it’s actually a door but it’s it’s completely invisible like you cannot see it at all but it opens seamlessly so this is actually a secret area that is very easy to miss and if you go

Through the next door you’ll find another room now one of the cool things about this room is there’s a werewolf here and this werewolf is exactly like the animagus version that Professor Lupine turns into Rebellion if you use Rebellion on it there’s still no information near it but you obviously

Recognize it from the Prisoner of Azkaban have you seen the movie now there’s actually a chest just over here in the corner that you can pick up and then you’ll see another K just over here in the corner you can’t actually go through this one but if you use revelio

We’ve actually found the werewolf Saga tapestries this set of tapestries tells the tragic tale of a witch bitten by a werewolf she chose to flee from her home to protect her infant daughter and husband rumor has it that her daughter fell asleep to the howl of a werewolf

For years thereafter you can see her and her daughter and obviously the full moon just there and then all the men going out hunting in the forest for the werewolf looks like they caught a deer over here and then they actually find the werewolf a husband and men are

Killing the beast in the Woodland then we have the happy ending just here there’s also some interesting sketches and this armor set from Skyrim next at number 4 we have the secret area hidden on top of the castle let your spot when you’re flying around but especially if

You’re flying around the castle you’ll notice there’s no doors leading onto this balcony area so how are you meant to access the two chests on top because the game won’t let you land up here while you’re flying on your broom to get here for yourself you’re going to want

To come back to the entrance to Hogwarts at the bell tower Courtyard from the water fountain we’re going to turn around and go inside and then we’re going to go to the right and up the stairs here this time to the left head all the way up to the top of the

Staircase once you reach the top you’ll come to this classroom on the right hand side if you run across the classroom and then go upstairs again you’ll find an unlockable Treasure Chest but that’s not the secret if we come up the staircase again all the way to the top will finally come

Out on this balcony here you can find the first treasure chest identified legendary item then you can come over here to this frog and if you go inside it it’ll actually spit you out on the other side of the balcony here you can find another Treasure Chest carry on going around and there’s

Another one that’s how you get this awesome looking marble red wand handle come back across and you’ll find another chest just here next at number five we have the Hogwarts kitchens but you probably already know how to access if you’ve read the Harry Potter novel since it’s mentioned there that Fred and

George tell Hermione how to access the kitchen but they’re apparently the only students that know about their secret the Hogwarts kitchens themselves are located directly under the Great Hall that food doesn’t magically appear on the tables you know if you come here on the map of Hogwarts so the grand

Staircase and then you click on this flag come all the way to the bottom to the grand staircase flu powder location once here turn around and go down this staircase to the Hufflepuff common room doesn’t matter if you’re not in Hufflepuff you can still do this

To go all the way to the bottom and right here you’ll find a secret chest and then there’s a portrait this is actually a secret entrance to the kitchen if you use revelio if one tick was the pair and there’s still live painting of a bowl of fruit it will get

You before turning into a doorknob to allow entry to the Hogwarts kitchens which is also a reference from the books and there’s the Laughing pair let’s Hold It Down and that actually turns into a doorknob as well and here we are in the Hogwarts kitchens oh that’s disgusting raw that

Is not healthy surely not you’ll notice that all the house tables are laid out down here and that’s how they get them to magically appear on the tables in the Great Hall above right in the center there’s another bit of information kitchen tables when Hogwarts house sells

Place prepared food on these tables it magically gets transferred to the tables in the Great Hall directly above okay I just explained that but there you go there’s the actual written door oh my goodness chasing him with a Cleaver get some sneaky Sweet Roll snacks he’s a welcome

Treat oh look he’s doing all the washing of these dishes blimey look at him go I like how they actually move around to do different chores with the meat in the kitchen that’s pretty cool also another Field Guide page how self-living court is ever practical and creative the

Hogwarts house cells have created a cozy Village like home for themselves among the barrels in the Hogwarts kitchen of course one cannot presume to know what they’re really like inside as HealthSouth have an extraordinary magic of their own so this is the house elves living quarters just stacked barrels of

Whatever would be inside on top of each other I’m sure they’re bigger on the inside than the outside though wonder where the little door leads there’s a lot of moldy food around here and finally we have number six now if you’re the kind of player who runs around Hogwarts casting grevelia repeatedly

Then you’ve probably already found this next hidden passageway but if not you’ve probably run past it a few times now with starting just here in the library Annex not too far from the greenhouse It’s the Great Hall with the relief of the giant dragon once you arrive here

You’re going to want to head towards the greenhouse which is obviously this massive door now the spell revelia can also be used to find Secrets behind wolves like for example there’s a chest behind this owl and you can interact with this owl and find a secret passageway governing cobwebs no one searched this

Chest for ages we’ve got a dark abolish just act on it it’s a pretty cool secret room that you’ve probably run through a few times in Hogwarts already it doesn’t really serve a purpose beyond that though now this was actually only the first six secret passages and hidden

Areas that I wanted to show off in Hogwarts but there are so many more than this that I want to share with you guys so I’ll be linking the next video over here and in the description for you guys to check out all of the other secret areas

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