GPT 3 Chat : qu’est-ce que c’est, comment l’utiliser et pourquoi il va RÉVOLUTIONNER le MONDE

chatgpt3 #openai #informatica #chatgpt CHAT GPT 3 révolutionne le monde des recherches en ligne. Dans cette vidéo …

The topic we will talk about today will revolutionize the world of technology and development forever. I will give you all the information to try this truly mind-blowing stuff and above all we will try to answer the question: will we all lose our jobs because of robots in the next three years ?

Good morning everyone here is Dany your trusted engineer and today we talk about GPT 3 chat And I assure you that it could put at risk so many jobs that are done by us today! Let’s talk about a product that has been released to the public by a company that you

Surely know is called Open AI! This company is all about doing AI research and their ultimate goal is to build the perfect AI one way or another! Well it seems that they have almost succeeded because

We have some really absurd stuff in front of us! But let’s start from the basics GPT is a model that has already existed on the internet for a long time: it is a linguistic model that, starting from your keys

Typed on a keyboard, is able to interpret in a frighteningly accurate way what you are saying to it. In technical jargon this stuff is called a natural language processor and is capable of doing a lot of really crazy things! It can give you financial advice,

Generate code, starting from a text, create a speech for you to give in front of hundreds of people, write essays, do your math homework… That is, it can literally do everything! Chat GPT

, on the other hand, is basically the same thing, however it is combined with a robot that is able to give you answers within a trend or a context! Oh well I won’t bore you, let’s go try it and look at what incredible stuff they’ve invented then we all start shaking

Because we’ll lose our jobs.. (we don’t want to be conspiracy theorists let’s go!) And here we are with incognito navigation! Let’s type as URL Dear, moreover, if you want to support the channel completely free of charge, I remind you right now to leave

A nice like and subscribe! Likes are free And in short, they help me a lot with my work… I bring you some interesting content as you can see! You will find yourself In front of this wonderful screen you can explore projects. There are tutorials. We are interested in the GPT chat

That we find above where we will click try it. Click and another page will open where we will have to log in or create our own account. So create an account it will ask you to send the

Confirmation message to your mobile too, do it and then we’ll see you on the final screen. Ok guys here we are here in front of us we have GPT chat Here are some examples of the capabilities and some limitations that actually the dev team put in to avoid

Hurting someone. For example, why don’t we get explained how a quantum computer works in simple words? Let’s go below, let’s send it and look at that stuff! I mean I… I When I see these things they are… in five lines guys! A BOT trained on textual data

Was able to explain to a person like me how quantum computing works!  » Quantum computing is a type of computation that uses quantum mechanical phenomena here explains the theory of zeros of 1s and the fact that Bits can assume the state of 01 at the same time » I

Am hallucinated.. Let’s explore again because there are a lot of things to be seen! Let’s try to put him in the ballpark: let’s ask him What is the smartest way to invest today? Let’s do the research Wow Look how he manages to extract from such a complicated question a context that

Actually makes sense! He answers « There is no single answer to this question because the best way to invest depends on your individual circumstances financial goals. » Me guys… This stuff is literally the computer revolution as we know it! That is, today you can imagine How many jobs can actually explode because of this

Bot! It’s incredible! But then the potential is by no means finished! Look how cool! I’ll show you this now: Let’s go the hard way « Generate Java code to place 10 items in a shopping cart ». Let’s see if you can do it! Here is an example of

Code… that is, guys, he created the main he created the cart list called cart he did the for loop… that is You can imagine how much time a tool like this can save a developer ! I don’t even have to open Visual studio eclipse… It does everything! The crazy thing guys

Is that you can keep talking in this discussion! For example « more items » then more items. Here is an updated version of the code that instead of adding 10 you add 20! I can not describe … ie this thing is real! No because right now I feel like I’m

Living in a sci-fi movie! It’s really absurd! Now I need some creative ideas because it’s my girlfriend’s engagement anniversary… Let ‘s see what she replies. I don’t have these needs though. Here are some ideas for creating your anniversary gift! That is, here he is recommending the jewels, the rings or

The necklace! She advises us to look at her hobbies or interests that she is passionate about : hot air balloon rides… sentimental road: by creating a photo album! Let’s also test his knowledge from a historical point of view: let’s ask him Who was the

President in Italy in 1985? So this time we don’t ask for advice but let’s ask a specific question. « In 1985 the Italian president was Sandro Pertini he was the seventh Italian president and enslaved since 78 About 85 he was a member of the Socialist Party » Oh

Well And here’s the whole story. We ask for more information « Give me more information Please » We are also polite. No, luckily I don’t have access to any additional information. Interesting! So it actually has some limitations! It is a universal knowledge of the world but it

Has some limits! But already so I’m appalled. Now let’s throw ourselves completely into science fiction: ask him if he has a conscience! GPT model do you have a conscience? « I’m a large openhai trained speech model I’m not capable of being sentient or conscious I’m just a

Program that processes text and a response is based on input I have no thinking or feeling and I exist only to help you answer questions and provide information ». I absolutely wanted to ask him this : let’s ask him if he thinks we are alone in the universe. If you want to activate

Italian, just click on the translator. « There is no definitive answer to this question. Some people believe there are other intelligent life within the universe while others believe we are alone. The truth is, we just don’t know for sure. There is a

Vast Universe out there out the possibilities that another form of intelligent life exists cannot be ruled out, however until we have hard evidence of such life we ​​can only speculate. » I am truly shocked at the progress this company has made on artificial intelligence!

When I was studying during my master’s degree because I specialized in this stuff, there were no models as well made as this one! I can assure you that while few are talking about it right now this deal here will completely revolutionize

The way work is viewed today! It’s fair to say guys though that these models aren’t 100% accurate, they actually make several mistakes and make several inaccuracies. So you can definitely rest assured you won’t get fired starting tomorrow. But it is actually a very useful tool that allows us to help solve

Problems, to obtain information in a very fast way. And so what do you think? I’ll wait for you in the comments let’s discuss this wonderful technology and all the implications it could have in everyday life see you soon [Music]

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