Explication Outil de mots jumelés

Lida E. Solano H. – Technologie dans l’enseignement des langues étrangères – Groupe 9 – UNAD.

Good afternoon dear tutor and inmates my name is esmeralda solano and i’m taking the cursed technology in foreign language teaching in this opportunity i’m going to talk about the uses of the tool called twin word first of all i’m going to say what is the meaning of twin word to a word

It’s a tool that helps students and also teachers to improve their communicative skills especially reading and writing skills so let’s start with the different and useful tips for using twin word so here as you can see we have the semantic high lighter in this tool you can search and highlight

The related words in your writing with just one click for example if you click on the word variety you are going to see different words related to this word okay you can use synonyms and tones and different words that can help you to acquire more vocabulary and to enrich your vocabulary

So tweet word will point out all the places that you have used that word and relate words also use this tool to see which words you are using to express your intention or see where you are repeating the word too much so it’s very very useful so now let’s continue with the toned

Analyzer the tone analyzer is going to help you to analyze the tone of a user comment or post with this tool you can find out if your writing is too positive or too negative this tool analyzers analyzes the choice of word and work in the algorithm to give you a percentage

Score so you are going to look if what you wrote it’s too negative or too positive so you are going to to know this information with this tool called tone analyzer as you can see in this case it says that the comment or the writing that that you click

Is positive in the 41 and 7 so it seems like your writing is a little positive okay so now let’s continue with the topic tagger the topic tagger it’s a tool that talks to you if it’s useful to generate relevant or important texts and keywords for your writing

Also topping tiger is able to suggest keywords which are not in the text itself for example if you take a word you click on the word frequency in this case you are going to look at different words related to frequency that you can use so it’s going to be a an excellent

Suggestion for you to select or to modify the words that you are using you may select several formats from tabs separated line separated comma separated to copy or paste them wherever you want so it’s a a very nice tool for you now let’s continue with favorites when you use this tool favorites

Here you can save words suggestions here and discover their own suggestions so for example if you select if you click in the word ingredients you are going to see that this tool select this word as a favorite one so they are relevant words for you now let’s continue with the tool word count

So with this tool you can know how many words are there with spaces and without spaces so this tools picks up the count of the repetitive words that are used in your writing for example if you use the word let’s click on one different word example the word include yeah so you can

See different words different synonyms yeah and it’s going to tell you how many times you are going you have used this word and also this tool helps you that to know how many times you are using this word and also this tool will pit it down under the words list

And is going to help to find a word related to this one under the semantic high lighter so these tools are a working together you can use them as a teamwork now let’s continue with the revision history this tool called revision history helps you for example if you

Won’t be in this case you won’t be worried about about unsaved works so wordy labs auto save function shows the time your file is last saved so you are not going to be worried about if you save your word your work because it’s going to be like auto

Saving okay so it’s going to um click a revision of what you have writing okay and immediately this tool saves your work so it’s excellent because you are not going to lose what you wrote now let’s continue with another tool from twin word called the semantic field generator

So this semantic field generator in this one you can get the definition of these semantic fields related words by clicking on them so this you if you click of one word okay it’s going you are going to check out describing words for semantic field and more words that are associated with them so

In this case you can look about synonyms and antonyms of the words so this tool helps you to find words that are related to a sp to a specific word or phrase so you are going to enrich your vocabulary using this tool now let’s continue with the export so

With this tool export you can share your writing your email or you can also download it okay you may select and export your file for example in microsoft word or in a pdf format or in a plain text so simultaneously you may share your a word via facebook post okay in any one

Of these social networks specifically in facebook so you can export your writing in the moment that you want okay using the tool export so as you can see twin words is an excellent tool that all of the teachers can use with our students and it’s also very useful for improvement specifically reading

And writing skills so thank you very much for your attention and i hope that this explanation will be clear for you so long

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