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Go High Level est une bouée de sauvetage incroyable pour de nombreuses agences, réduisant le temps et les maux de tête nécessaires pour créer une incroyable plate-forme de prospects …

Foreign what is up guys how are you doing happy holidays it is christmas time and christmas came a little early this year this uh this video that i’m about to show you guys is really going to change my business for 2021 and beyond i already started transitioning

All of my clients into this because i mean this is going to be the way i do business moving forward this is the this is what i’ve been looking for honestly for the past couple years because i’ve just been trading you know my time for money using upwork and other platforms

But essentially it’s a time trade right you know they’re hiring me to work on consulting stuff and i’m doing projects and it’s awesome and i love being compensated for my time but if i’m not working you know i’m not being paid generally you know we’ve talked about other

What i call dividends uh for freelancers in the past and that’s how to kind of you know get a residual play and typically in the past this would come from referrals to software so if we got like an affiliate sale or something like that and you’re talking like maybe

20 to 40 maybe 50 of the lifetime purchase which is awesome and and these are things that we’ve been working into our our project so if i try to get someone onto an active campaign contract or an infusionsoft contract you know i’m a partner for both these companies

So in the past it’s just been like okay these are great platforms i’m going to hook them up with them because this is what i use this is what i’m used to i can put all of my you know thoughts on to these in regards to the uh the the campaigns that we’re

Launching the promotions the you know the webinars this that the lead capture all of that you know it’s usually tied back to these crm platforms and if you watch you know the other videos that i’m doing like that’s you know that’s 80 90 of what i’m doing is building these

Automation tools and typically like i said i would just have an affiliate set up where i’m maybe collecting some revenue but you know who knows and the issue with i think consulting just in general and like i said you know trading that time for money it’s feast or famine you’re either getting

Crazy contracts and all these clients seem to be getting you like all in the same week and they’re like i want you i want you and then some weeks the projects are are done and you’re just like okay i need to figure out where to get work and

It all sucks right because it seems like you’re either rushing around or you’re like i gotta find work and so what i discovered in the last couple weeks from actually my buddy phil phil boone who you know we do the podcast with he showed me this at first

You know he’s always he always comes up with these crazy ideas and he’s always moving and he’s great and he told me about this software so that’s what we’re going to talk about in this video we’re going to talk about this new platform that is going to take the place maybe 80

To 90 of the other platforms that i’ve been using for the last decade and i’m going to completely change my business and the way i work with clients and the way i do basically everything the way i set up my contracts the way i negotiate the way i um think about my monetary

Compensation um it’s all going to change it’s all done and this is exactly what i’ve been searching for so if you’ve ever worked uh with software and software as a service you know that it is a basically a money making machine if you can give software that is good and helps

Um whoever is buying it so again i go back to the platforms that i was using active campaign infusion stuff these these platforms that i was paying a lot of money for my own stuff and also my clients were paying a lot of money for okay so we’re both giving money to

These platforms so we’re saying the the crm has been essentially the core component of here we’re talking probably a couple hundred dollars unless you’re just like really starting out very very minimum you’re talking thirty dollars okay to probably as you get a lot of leads because that’s what a lot of these businesses

Are you know doing and hiring me to do is to set up sales funnels uh so we have sales funnels and and that also consists of web pages landing pages i’d say email automation that’s a big part of it at least the you know the stuff that i’m doing

Sales funnels consisting of web pages landing pages email automations promotion building because these things are gonna allow for events to happen where you could set up uh different kind of scarce marketing place where it’s like take action now and that can be baked into time or it could be baked into

Quantity uh if you know maybe you’re doing appointments and you can only take so many things so we have again going back to the cost of everything my son uh just takes caps off and doesn’t replace them so half these things are like half dried up anyway so we have 29

At least for this crm okay and that’s per month um and that goes up to probably you know for at least the the the companies that i’m working with which are small medium business companies smbs they’re paying maybe 500. for their crm stuff you know mostly just the email automation

And i i didn’t even write it down here but also the internal crm strategies like if they have different steps and pipelines of their internal process for instance if it’s a lawyer and they are trying to uh the client’s a lawyer and they’re trying to get different appointments but

After the appointments there’s a specific chain of events that happen this happens a lot also in my insurance company clients and things like that where you know the whole internal process like internal people are getting emails they’re getting tags they’re getting kind of uh you know different alerts that are being sent to

Them so that that whole kind of structure and i call usually these sales funnels and things like that the backbone of your entire entire marketing digital marketing strategy so because if you don’t have this spinal column like you really you can’t build a dynamic body of digital marketing

Because it all kind of relates and works together as a as a body as a source and so but when i you know when you look at it from the top down so you know this is the spinal column and this is the uh you know the bone marrow

I guess right so kind of branching out from it you have the crm base cost and then you have the scheduling software and that could be like calendly or schedule now or a bunch of other stuff because you want it to integrate into your your google and you know your different calendars iphones

So that’s important because again a lot of my clients need to make that part of their sales funnel strategy so we have your crm web page builders so you’re talking maybe wordpress you’re talking maybe shopify um you’re talking maybe click funnels and the same with the with the with the

Web page and builders you know they’re kind of coming you know as one um especially with the sales funnels process because you want to have a checkout process that works has an upsell so let’s just put that down here too just like a sales page that works right so check out and what

Happens after the checkout are they getting access to memberships so let’s put that down here too memberships right okay so you have memberships and that that stuff has to work right like so you know as they’re going through these processes you’re going to need to tag them and tell people like

Talk to people differently through the email the automation and the text messaging also so let’s put that down here text messaging because you’re going to want to alert them in different ways depending on where they are in these sales funnel situations because you’re you know you have email you have options

You have phone options you have text messaging again it all works together it has to if you want it to work well if you want to have it convert higher and that’s why they hire people like me because we make everything higher cool so um we have wordpress or shopify

And that’s maybe you know wordpress is free but you have to hire someone at least you have to do it so there’s definitely time there you have to put a cost to that time so what is that per hour uh that could be maybe how much are you worth like a hundred

Bucks an hour or maybe you get someone pretty low level at least ten dollars now or someone’s working on that and if you wanted to function well you probably have to think about syncing at least a couple hundred dollars in it to a month just in terms of like i want to update

With content have things fresh change things split test things there’s always containment type tasks that you want to do so let’s call that 200 hours per month then we have again like the texting stuff like a twilio integration you know let’s just call it 50 to 100 okay and then you also

Have the checkout stuff and again if you see my other videos just to check out specific uh because i want to put that there because we also have sam cart which i usually uh recommend and that’s like you know a couple that’s like 159 right there per month okay because the

Reason why you pay that much is because it manages the products and you can do the upsell stuff down sell stuff just like the click funnel which if you were paying for quick funnel you know that’s 97 159 plus usually if you need if you have the

Click funnel you also need a regular nice web page which the click funnel can offer and to add in the membership stuff here again really sorry that you can’t really read this but i will take a picture and add it to the video the membership stuff is also expensive because that could be

A member press license or something like that which again that’s what i normally would refer to in the past to attach it to the shopify or the wordpress sorry not shopify just the the wordpress and then you know that would go into with the crm without you know usually

Active campaign or infusionsoft so they would be talking uh and so the membership you know i think i was paying you know how much for that license probably like i think like two hundred dollars a year for that member press license so again that’s like you know 20 bucks a month

Okay i know that adds up to a lot and like i said you know long story long i guess you know these all have different platforms attached to them typically and in the past i’ve been a br you know kind of kind of in a situation where it’s like it hasn’t made sense

To put everything on one platform for instance like a cartridge or a convert tree or or things like that that typically like say that it would like provide the environment and maybe again i could get an affiliate situation but i don’t want to be caught in a situation where

You know i’m just promoting affiliate links like that’s really not a sustainable model in terms of like your front-facing model um because it’s you know is it a conflict of interest at times you know uh is it is it that cool to be a google gurus my like referral link and

I don’t know it’s just not that that cool in my sense because it’s just a little it seems a little slimy for some reason um because it’s not your stuff now i’m about to introduce you or maybe you know uh about this already but again i’m changing everything to

This new strategy and this so i am putting everything now into this new platform called high level what high level offers is essentially everything that you need in this crm plus every single thing that we just spoke about so it is it’s just like what i was just hating on

Like literally two seconds ago the convert tree the kartra all this stuff because it’s like well then it’s you know again kind of like a conflict of interest because like do i want to sink my teeth all into someone else’s stuff and just be like here you go again it builds off that

Whole affiliate model it kind of sucks and i know they do offer some some templates that you could sell people and things like that but you know i’ve seen the people that sell these things and it’s like i don’t really want to be associated with that either because it’s just like okay i

Know what these set it and forget it models are typically and they’re usually trash because you have to like really adhere to like what they build or it’s just like i don’t know it’s a disaster from from what i’ve seen so but what this does and why it’s so

Smart is that they’ve designed this for agencies or contractors so essentially it becomes your own software as a service you can now white label this entire platform so it functions the same as say like your convert trees or like your other extensive platforms that cover a wide range of digital marketing

Landing pages web pages membership areas texting email automation web pages like all of it it’s it upsells downsides all the click funnel stuff that the click funnel stuff is awesome because you have like that knowledge of um you know the conversions easily available the analytics the dashboards are sick

So i’m going to take you through all of that stuff but now here’s the kicker is the fact that it’s all white labeled under your own brand so if you look at automate scale if you go to app.automatescale.com you can see what i’ve been able to white label and now i just

Am able to put all my clients under that and build it and then instead of charging them hourly or relying on everything in the past which you know it i had to sink a lot of time a lot of setup time hours to make all these integrations work with these different platforms

That was where a real big chunk of my time i think went versus like just being able to like kind of consult things and then you had to bring teams and um you know this now makes it easy to build everything under your own roof and i essentially dish it out to your

Clients and then and just have them pay monthly so they can have access to your own software and so you can cancel out all of the the software that you were paying for including the software that you’re paying for yourself so you can have your you know

All like all this covered for your own business which you should have you should have your own sales funnels and strategies and email automation all these things going for your own brand but then you can essentially take a snapshot of that and then just just add another client

And make another client account and it’s all under your roof so you could just say hey here’s access to this you know 300 a month and you can just maintain all of that and i think that’s a good starting price because usually i’m charging 500

An hour and what can i build in an hour usually like not a lot i can get a lot of my consulting stuff done in an hour but in terms of building and actually like putting things in motion and getting funnels started and situated and things like that

You know that takes a crazy amount of time and a crazy amount of integration and testing and that testing is a bugger and like it’s it’s difficult and that’s why in the past i think you needed a guy like me because you you needed to have these nuances figured out so you didn’t

Hit any brick walls and things like that with integration um plus you wanted to integrate my brain into okay what works what doesn’t work you know what are what are the what’s the actual sales funnels process and things like that so um it’s really dope guys so

I put a link to this software and i put my link in there because they also have a referral link so if you wouldn’t mind some you know giving me some some value to this or some some credo that would be freaking sick also and i would really

Really appreciate that and i would love to hear your comments on this software after you check it out because i’m fully convinced and i geeked out for a while guys like this was i saw this is something i’ve been really thinking about for so long because like i said i don’t want to

Just you know consult and trade time for money and like if i’m enjoying christmas like it means i’m not working and you know it’s really when you’re charging five hundred dollars an hour you’re just like okay yeah you know should i be working right now like am i giving like you know

Everything’s like kind of chaotic because you’re just like oh my god uh is is what i’m doing right now worth my time and that’s like a really awkward way to look at at your life and um i you know as as this year unfolds this is something

That i’ve been trying to do for a while set up my own like like standard operating procedures and be able to like you know allow my my team to absorb some things and grow that and just be part of more of like an organization and a framework that

That is sustainable and just again doesn’t have these like peaks and valleys that you just come with with trading time for money but you know i’m not trying to knock it i i think that that style and doing things was was great for about four or five years and

You know i wanted to really show what i could do and build my library of stuff on upwork because i saw that as like the the future of work you know i’ve seen this for a while i’ve been preaching up work way beyond uh this year and you know 2020 like i saw

This stuff happening a while ago with just it doesn’t make sense to have to drive to cities and work in offices and spend all this time through interview processes and onboarding in the terms of like the old days like you can onboard anyone from anywhere at any time

And everybody can feel empowered through this entire uh real life marketplace of value in real time with the the i guess the freelancer or whatever you want to call them the contractor having the ability of choice and not even feeling that enslavement of like geo lockdown and um you know look at what’s

Happening in certain areas of the world do you really want to be forced from not only just like your healthcare and everything being tied to your your company but also just like being forced to stay in a location that suffers from um like a situation where you’re you’re not down

With the authorities that be in that certain region and you’re just like i have to stay here for my family’s sake because this is where my job is this is where my car is this is where my house is blah blah blah you know this is where my garage is like

When in reality you could have that freedom and you know it you’ve seen my stuff like you know you could be anywhere and do anything and and so this works in this whole strategy perfectly with that because now i could focus on giving my same benefits and talents and

Just being like okay i can build this for someone and now i know that there’s going to be all this payoff all this money that was going to these other companies is now just going to go in my direction and the way high level does it is that you’re just paying one

Monthly payment or an annual payment for like you know i think i’m going to be paying 500 hours a month but i could have you know 100 200 clients on here so imagine 100 clients do the math if they’re paying 300 a month at the lowest tier

You know i’m going to be adding features but this is the first generation of uh you know all these different automations and stuff like that that i’m gonna now have templates for that i own i’m gonna have all this ip of my brain laid out in digital marketing sense and it just

It can just be replicated easily i don’t have to worry about integrating and set up and those eight to ten hours of setup for you know for any type of funnel for any type like for for anything to get going it just requires so many different wires

Being put into the right areas or else fail you know and to just be able to be like snapshot place copy paste and just like change certain things and you know allow the customer to have certain access so they can just change things easily that’s where it’s at guys so i’m going

To have 100 people that’s my goal for 21 20 21 uh to have is just a hundred clients paying 300 a month at the minimum and see where that gets me next year you know and i get the cool thing is guys the cool thing is what i’m going

To be doing is working this right into upwork so they have the ability on upwork to just have um automatic weekly payments so what i’m offering my clients right now is instead of paying 500 an hour which is honestly what everybody’s been doing for the last couple years right and that’s just been

My thing instead of that i’m just gonna have them pay 75 a week because you can just do automatic weekly payments and if they stop with the payments you can just do it as a software as a service and just discontinue that crm so it’s it functions just like any other

Uh you know crm situation where you’re where you would be paying monthly or yearly but you just set it up and do the contract through up work and there you go everybody’s happy so yeah guys i’m excited about this i’m gonna go celebrate christmas this was a gift this whole i think

Serendipity of this software and the crm was exactly what i’ve been looking for i am thrilled i know you are busy get the christmas 2021 is going to be a super super special year because it is going to be a year of empowerment especially for consultants and marketers i know there’s

So many people that do this stuff for a living and no like active campaign and infusionsoft and this and that i’ve been there i know all these platforms click funnels wordpress all of them like i know like this is what i do and i am switching i am getting away from that

Stuff and i’m going full force into this because if i get 100 clients paying 300 a month like i’m good i’m good you know and then imagine if i get 100 more clients the next year or maybe i systematize it and make it better or i add to current customers and see

Where that gets me too a lot of options there a lot of options if you’re tying that and then imagine your score on upwork if all these people are paying this much money you will rise to the top there are hundreds of thousands of businesses posting jobs on upwork as we speak it’s

Crazy it’s like we’re reaching on like just unfathomable levels of hiring on there and they’re going to be tied into different organizations this is what they’re going to want to grab and get you can tie this into your product catalog offerings it’s going to be sick and

That’s what i’m going to do next actually is offer these different things into my product catalogs as like a step process so i could just do a single little funnel that’s on my terms on my system that edges them into this framework and this entire environment instead of the old ways

So there you go guys hope that was uh cogent and clear and good i’m super thrilled if you can’t tell and let me know what you think peace out enjoy your christmas have a great new year 2020. what a freaking year case closed and welcome 2021 and yeah thanks guys bye-bye

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