Comment résoudre les problèmes de décalage / bégaiement hérités de Poudlard sur PC

Si vous rencontrez des problèmes pour jouer à Harry Potter : Hogwarts Legacy sur votre PC, cette vidéo est pour vous ! Dans ce guide, nous allons montrer…
Welcome back guys to the channel in this video we’re gonna fix the lagging and drop framing as you can see everything this looks bad in Haggard Legacy in medium BC so we’re gonna convert this to this one with higher frames as you can see smooth playing and everything looks nicer

So if you are interested stay tuned Okay guys we start with the update of your graphic card if you have Nvidia you can go and check for your update through GeForce experience as you can see mine already updated so if you’re not updated with updated second we have to go to Nvidia control panel and go to manage 3D

Setting and copy all my settings as you can see in the screen right now everything I tested and it looks very good right now in this settings not just a good Legacy also other gameplay and other games like Call of Duty and other games okay guys how to open a engine file and

How to find it first fully open my computer come to see then users then your user and after you open this one search for local type local and press enter press file it will show user and your username and add data update okay open it

And you will find a lot of files here just search for Hogwart Legacy h so Hogwart Legacy open it open saved open config open Windows no editor it will show you all these files you will find engine file here as we said open it come at the end and paste

All this stuff I’m gonna put it in the description below after you paste this section you will go to streaming boot size and check the number if you have graphic card vram less than 8 gigabyte you will bought three zero seven two if you have more than 8 gigabyte your boot

Four zero nine six instead of this number so how to find the graphic card vram you have go to task manager open it come to this performance select your GPU and check this number dedicated GPU memory so mine is 6 gigabyte that’s mean that is less than eight so I’m gonna put

3072 if you have more than six more than eight you’re gonna put four zero nine six then save it like that and restart your computer after that guys you have to go search and type exploit protection in the search open it it will open this window with you just

Press on the program setting add program as you can see here choose path file and press on Hogwart Legacy just go for the file of hagwood legacy for me it’s here and steam common a good Legacy and choose a good Legacy it will show you this one this window go down

Make sure it’s a good legacy.xe go down for CFG control field guard and check this box of a right system setting just check it and apply I’m Gonna Give You files guys it’s called the LSS it’s a new version from the one in the game file already it is dlss 2.5

If we check here as you can see 2.5 go to details 2.5 the one in the game already is 2.3 I’m going to show you right now go for the game file here come on Awkward and type in the search dlss and open the file tlss third party windows

As you can see it is 2.3 here 2.3 all you have to do is just take the file open two windows and just drag it and drop replace and that’s it finish going for the game sitting graphic so I tested all kind of setting this is the best thing I can find

As you can see window full screen here I play in 2K Nvidia dlss balance no sharpening reflex is on plus boost frame rate matching my screen 144 for my screen We sync off for me field of view Max and of course this all of motion blur deeply filled

And others and make sure you could select your GPU moving to graphic options if quality low material medium fog low sky medium foliage low burst process slow Shadow medium to Crystal medium view distance and quality medium and population low and if you go down a little bit late

Racing of course off it is impacting badly the performance so please guys if that video helped you consider subscribing and give me a like and thank you for watching

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  1. The issue is not that computer like mine is not powerful enough. The game runs over 60 fps for me but then suddenly when just walking around drops to 5 – 20 fps and never recovers. This means the devs clearly have left some performance issue in game they need to fix

  2. This Game need a Patch.
    I have 3090Ti 24gb, i7 12700k, 32gb ram on ddr5 5600mhz and the microstuttering (lagging) and frame drops are amazing…… I Hope this will fixed …nothing help for me at the time. this Game ist unplayable at this time …..

  3. It did not work for me either. It is super weird for me because it performed perfectly like 18 hours in with mid/high settings. But like 20 hours in it suddenly became totally unplayable, it’s just stutters the whole time from like 100 to 5 FPS

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