Comment ne plus suivre tout le monde sur instagram à la fois en utilisant Phantombuster (méthode 2022)

Comment ne plus suivre tout le monde sur instagram à la fois en utilisant Phantombuster (méthode 2022) …

Welcome back guys this is matt and today we’re gonna see how to use phantom buster to unfollow everyone on instagram at once So this tutorial is pretty much different from any other technique that i’ve seen out there to unfollow everyone on instagram at once and it actually expands a little bit further because this program allows you to actually auto follow how to like or out one follow anyone on instagram twitter or facebook

But today we are going to focus on instagram only and if you are into cenary at the platform please let me know in the comments below and i’m gonna do a video just for that so i wanna say first that this uh program is simple to use and it’s completely free

I’m gonna show you a way to have it for free basically forever and it’s um this tutorial is gonna be a step-by-step one so don’t even worry about trying to figure out things so the first thing that we need to do is to sign up on this website in order to

Do so i always use a temporary email because this allows allows us to actually have it for free basically forever let me show you how let’s go on the first thing that we need to do is go to this is the website that is gonna appear

And we can click on start free trial once we click we need to put an email and a password we can start our free dryer without credit card or anything else the website that i use to get a temporary email is stamp and i’m gonna refresh it just to get a fresh

Email once it loads i can just click this button here to uh copy it then i’ll go back to phantombuster on email i’m gonna copy the email password i’m gonna set a password and then click on start your 14-day free trial then we can put our data met And then job title we can put whatever we want sign up then we will have to activate our email we can skip all this and go back to the email there it is phantombuster activate your phantombuster account click on it and verify new email and now phantom master is

Successfully activated and we have 14 days of free trial then that we can always renew just buying or signing up with a different temp email so for now we can close this tab close this tab and have this one open so let me show you a little bit how

Phantom buster works phantos master basically it’s a program that automates certain actions so what it does in our specific case is to connect to our instagram account and unfollow or follow or like post at a certain phase because we don’t want to do everything at once otherwise instagram is gonna see

It as a bot and it’s probably gonna block and you know block our account forever or at least for two three days before we can start doing the same action again so we don’t want that and this program allows us to actually set a number of seconds or minutes between

One action and the other and as you can see on top here this is the only limitation of this program with this um free trial they it give us two hours of actions per month so let’s say that we have 500 people to unfollow on instagram and

You know we we cannot do it all at once otherwise instagram is going to see it as a bot and block our account what we need to do is set certain seconds to wait between one and follow to another that might be three seconds so in order to complete the whole

Action it’s gonna take maybe one hour one hour and a half depending on the amount of actions that we want to do that’s why we have a time here but let’s say that we finish the time we can just create another account and we have again two hours

For free and we can just reconnect our instagram and we’re gonna see so the first thing that we need to do now is install the chrome extension because then it needs to connect to our instagram account let’s just do add to chrome add extension then i’m going to click this icon right here

So i can pin the phantom buster extension there it is now we see that it appears on the on the toolbar in the top so um oops i click it there’s no need for that so we can close this tab and go back to phantombuster now let me

Show you guys the solutions that it offers so as you can see we got instagram twitter google maps linkedin all of that but i don’t wanna overwhelm you guys with all this i’m just gonna click on instagram this is the page where we can find all

Of the actions that the program can do on instagram and as you can see this is the one that we’re gonna be focused on the more the most because it’s the one that allows us to follow and unfollow a list of accounts on instagram so as you can

Understand it’s a little bit different from any other traditional method or apps available but it’s uh it’s completely free so that’s a uh that’s a pro the only con is that we need to feed him a little bit more datas and with that i mean that

This program is not going to go on our account and see the um the people that we are following and just unfollow demo which is which makes sense for me because maybe we don’t want to follow everybody but if we’re giving like a list of all our following people

Following people except maybe for 10 20 50 contacts that we have that we don’t want to unfollow that makes it even more powerful compared to other uh programs so the first thing that we want to actually do is use this phantom right here they allow us to export a google sheet

With all of the profile urls that we and all the people that we are following so i know that that can sound a little bit overwhelming but trust me it’s gonna be way easier with me showing you and actually doing it rather than just talking so let’s go

Ahead and click use this phantom and here we need to connect to esa what this does is just connects to our instagram where we previously logged in and remember to have the chrome extension on because this will work only if the chrome extension is on if it doesn’t connect that means that either

You are not logged in or this chrome extension is not installed once it’s done let’s click save here we just need to copy and paste the url of our instagram account so i’ll go ahead and do that click on save again this doesn’t really matter because i only have uh five people following

So i can extract up to i don’t know ten thousand fifteen thousand a million people that um that we are following and this doesn’t really matter because it won’t trigger any of instagram um any on instagram like guidelines or make it look like we are have doing suspicious activity and then block our

Account because we are just gathering data so we can leave it as it is number of profile type we can leave it as it is because we are just doing hours then click save we can leave it on manually because we are going to perform this action once

Then later on this tutorial i’m going to show you how to actually put use the repeatedly launch setting in order to forget about launching it every time and keep things more efficient but for now let’s click save now we are creating our first phantom and we can go ahead and click launch

Now it’s going to connect to our instagram account and provide us with a excel excel document with all of the people we are following so as you can see it just successfully gave us a list of the people we are following there it is we can go ahead and download it

And what we need to do now is open a google sheet account click on file open upload here on the right select a file from device result i already downloaded a couple previously and this is gonna give us at least as i was telling you of url

Of the profile we are following the username the full name we don’t actually need any of this for what we need to do so this is all the ones that we need to see and specific this part right here but we’re coming back to this one in a little bit for now let’s

Go ahead and click share and from restrictor we need to put it with anyone with the link then click on copy link and done so now that we have our list we can go back on solutions and instagram and finally use the phantom that we wanted to use since the beginning the instagram

Autofollow we can go ahead and click use this phantom here it’s going to ask us to connect to instagram again let’s just click it click save here we just need to paste the url that we just copied then we need to do spreadsheet settings scroll down and what this is is

Literally just the name of the column containing the url so in our case is profile url so we can go ahead and copy this one because this is the name of the column as you can see that contains the urls if you had asked us for a username

Column b the username would have been what we copied same for the full name or image url but for us it’s profile right so we can go ahead and copy this paste it and click save now this is the action the behavior that we want the program to

Perform so we will set at unfollow then this is the delay between loading each profile which this is very important to set properly you don’t want to study at zero seconds or one seconds but at least two three or four seconds because this is what um basically tricks instagram into

Thinking that is an actual person performing these actions and so it won’t trigger any of their uh suspicious activity and then end up blocking our account because we might unfollow like too many people at the same time so we can leave it at two seconds and then number of profiles to process

Per launch we can put it at five let’s say and uh then click uh well since i have five profile i will keep it on two to show you uh what else you can do then go ahead and click save and then we can do it repeatedly again

Because if we leave it on manually we need to launch it that we did for the other phantom every single time in order to start following people but if we click on repeatedly we can set for instance that he can do it uh let’s say twice per hour so if it’s

Twice per hour that means that is uh 24 times per day and it’s gonna perform um to unfollow per a lunch so that’s like 50 people per a day to unfollow which is pretty natural to do obviously you can pump it up even more and and do it like four times per hour

With five people to unfollow per lunch which is gonna follow you 200 people per day so this is very uh powerful because it won’t get you in any trouble in terms of suspicious activity or getting your instagram account blog but it looks very natural and the cool thing is that this

Works even for auto follow or how to like which is again it might be a very good strategy to grow at the beginning in instagram so once we set this up let’s say for uh once per hour this doesn’t matter that much and let’s go ahead and click save we created this

Other phantom and we can go ahead and click launch just one time so the first time and then it’s gonna keep doing it every day twice an hour as we said or four times every hour whatever your set so we go ahead and click and click launch it’s gonna

Connect to instagram see the google sheet and start performing action so as you can see one action on the two the instagram the con marvel so it’s gonna unfollow marvel account first and then once it’s done it’s gonna unfollow the second one underneath in the google sheet

Uh document which is kind art perkinart but yeah and that’s uh how it works and once it’s done it’s gonna stop and in 30 minutes since we did twice each uh day each hour is gonna launch again by itself and as you can see it took 42

Seconds to to perform this action and that’s why this timer right here is is important but apart from that this is a very powerful tool because it’s free and it gives you a much more wide range of option for you to perform on instagram and if you have time and

You want you can even uh experiment and see all the other um action that you have for all of this application like youtube and twitter and facebook google quora they’re very specific like intercom i’m not even sure what that is tick tock craic list so guys again once you start it might

Look scary and a little bit complicated at the beginning but once you get into it it’s very simple and you don’t even have to think uh to think about it anymore because once you set it up that’s it it’s done it’s gonna keep working for you all the time so

Go ahead experiment with it and if you have any question please comment below send me a message whatever works for you and i’m gonna try to reply to all of your answers all of your questions and please if you like this video subscribe and like thank you

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