Facile! Rapide! Efficace! Lorsque CHATGPT rencontre PICTORY, il permet une intégration transparente du langage et des représentations visuelles …

Foreign Foreign [Applause] Foreign Foreign here are the steps for using chat GPT and pick 3 AI to create a video in just five minutes go to the victory AI website and sign up for an account once you’re logged in Click the create a new video button input your video script

Into chat GPT you can type it in manually or upload a file check GPT will analyze your script and generate a storyboard for your video choose a video style from the available templates or create a custom Style use Victory ai’s drag and drop interface to add images and video clips to your video

You can also add music sound effects and voiceovers preview your video to make sure everything looks and sounds the way you want it to when you’re happy with your video click the export button Victory AI will render your video and provide you with a download link download your video and share it with

Your audience by following these simple steps you can create a professional looking video in just five minutes with the help of Jack GPT and pick 3 AI have fun experimenting with different styles and creating amazing content Don’t forget to subscribe and share

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