ArticleForge Review Contenu généré par l’IA

Article Forge Review – Incroyable contenu généré par l’IA pour vos sites. Cet outil est irréel.

Hey everyone i’m shooting this video because i just subscribed to an article writing service that uses ai or artificial intelligence to write articles based on keywords and sub keywords that you give them and so far the content that i’ve been getting back is actually blowing my mind and i wanted to show you

That so this is article forge and typically it you enter a main keywords and it’ll give you guidelines on how to use it there’s also training videos that you should watch to learn but if you’re building rank and rent sites and you don’t want to hire content

Writers you want your content a lot faster because article forge will write your articles within three minutes four minutes um depending on the length of the article i’ve been writing long 750 word articles and it’s taking me about three or four minutes to get each article back

Um you can use article 4 to do that instead of waiting on a content writer and now the quality of the content you know typically ai content or spun content comes out really kind of not that well but i want to give you an example of some of the content i’ve been writing

Today so as an example i was just doing doing like a deck builder in des moines and you can see let’s i’ll just read a bit of this content so tips to find a deck builder in des moines when you need a deck to builder in des

Moines the search is not always easy to make you have the option of approaching local builders as well as contractors who are working outside of iowa the latter are often better than contractors that are operating out of their home states if you live in iowa and are just looking

For a debt contractor des moines has several choices so then it goes on to give a couple tips like find a builder who’s certified uh check whether the contract has any experience look up different references talk to friends or acquaintances and this article was like literally written for me by putting in

The keyword deck builder in des moines and then i also had the ability to say do you want to add images do you want to add videos it added images for me okay it added relevant videos for me and wrote this content for me all in about three minutes which was pretty amazing

So let’s look at some of the other content i was just playing around you can see the main keyword and then the sub keyword so that was deck builders in des moines des moines here i tried des moines iowa and then deck building company as the sub

Uh and it came out nothing really about deck building but it did come out with things to see and do in des moines iowa and if you’ve watched any of matt’s trainings when he says you know you want a page that talks about the the main attractions of a certain city

To add to your site this whole article is about things to see and do in des moines iowa took three minutes and spit out this content just absolutely beautifully a bunch of hyphenated things that we could use as h2s to optimize and the content reads extremely well

So then we continued on i wrote a fourth article trying to get better and then choose the right deck building company to get the results you want so looking for a deck building company in iowa with more than 200 decks and patio construction companies to choose from

Finding the right one can seem like a daunting task so then you know it goes on to talk about things that you want to look for once again adds pictures adds images and the content is excellent and not only is the content excellent on a sentence percentage structure

But the article actually has flow i mean each paragraph flows to the next subject matter matter really really well and i’m going to go to another one so then i tried deck building company des moines uh guaranty okay and this one wrote about the deck side company but it was a little weird

But it also included a bunch of really cool stuff that i didn’t know existed in for in deck building in des moines so like the builders warranty program um the cdl cdlp the spaa the safety and planning association deckside institute and literally these four articles they come out with such excellent content pictures

Um readability i can and they’re all about 750 words which is the really cool thing i can combine any of this content onto my site any way i want and if i’m missing a piece of content on my home page i can just have article forge write it

I can say like write me 500 words on tips for deck builders and then go in and add my geographical relevant relevance by just adding a bit more content but i’m absolutely amazed at the quality of content that’s coming out of article forge because it’s all ai it’s completely rewritten from the

Ground up they’re not scraping they’re not grabbing anything they’re just ai writing the company um sorry they’re ai writing the content and it’s just been like phenomenal so far and i’m so excited about this um a bunch of other cool features that they have as the articles can be spun

Okay with spin tax meaning that if you build a website in one and you build content for a website in one city you literally can spin that content to get another unique set of content for your next site or your other properties or your backlinks

Stuff like that web 2.0 okay so you can have spun content it spits it out all all for you obviously the main feature is it writes writes amazing content extremely fast you could hook it up to your wordpress blogs to send your posts into it if you run any sort

Of link building or web 2.0 properties or you have a blog attached to your site where you want to constantly add fresh relevant content to a blog you can actually set up article forge to auto post articles into your blog for you so it will

You can set up a bulk article if you go to a new article and you you switch to a bulk article generator this will give you bulk articles that will automatically send to your wordpress blog and you can schedule posts it does have an api which we’re likely

Going to build into project supremacy v3 just because it’s so amazing of a tool so there’s all kinds of really cool um bits with article forge that just make it like a super easy to use super fast um tool that just i’m just amazed and kind of flabbergasted how good it is

Um for writing lots of content and that’s one of the things that we talk about in rank and rent club i say listen you got to try and get really unique fresh relevant content and honestly even at you know spending 20 or 30 dollars per thousand words from writers the the downside to

That is like you know writers can um take a little while to write content like you could be waiting a day sometimes two days or three days whereas article forge it will spit out content in mere minutes and each time you need writing from a content writer you’re going to pay them

Twenty to thirty dollars okay and that can add up even just ten articles at thirty dollars is three hundred dollars which that math the reason i used it is because i just paid for an annual subscription to article forge where i can have as many articles as i want written for me

For 324 per year so um they have two options an annual plan for 324 dollars per year or a monthly plan for 57 dollars per month uh the annual plans almost half the cost over the course of a year so i signed up for that right away

And this is a subscription that i will 100 percent not be cancelling i’ll be keeping it because not only can i be using these content for my blogs or for my money sites i can use the content to start building up blogs i can use the content for my pbn posts

If i want to build out web 2.0 properties with um additional content i can do that and i i also noticed um in article forge that they do have some other pretty cool uh integrations into um other services such as let me pause the video and i’ll

Find them okay so if you go here to the help center and then you go into integrations okay they have a bunch of other cool integrations that you can work work into article forge word ai ranker x gsa search engine rancher search engine ranker sc nuke tng and

Cyber seo so you can learn more about all those things um it integrates with a lot of things so there’s there’s a whole bunch more features that i haven’t even dived into yet but just for the ability to write really high quality content um for if i i pay 324

A year i get as much content as i need i know uh with 100 certainty that i can write my own content using article forge on a mass scale for anything absolutely anything so um i wanted to shoot this video for you guys just to show you article forge

Um and i highly highly suggest that if you’re serious about um building a lot of content and you want to reduce the amount of money that you’re going to be paying for content writers that you check out article forge for yourself it does come with a five day free trial

I’m literally sold though i signed up for the annual plan on a five day free trial and within the first four articles i’m 100 sold i will be keeping this subscription so i highly recommend you guys check it out there’s a button um below this video but i wanted to

Shoot the video for you guys show it to you it’s it’s absolutely off the hook i am absolutely in love with uh this product and i hope you guys will be too

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