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Le guide complet des rédacteurs de blogs IA et comment ils peuvent vous aider à gagner le jeu de marketing de contenu Réclamez 10 000 crédits…

Guys. I’m going to use A.I. to create a 1000-word, S.E.O. friendly, totally unique blog post. In less than 5 minutes. Don’t believe me? Just watch. I saved thousands of dollars of outsourced blog post writing. I simply don’t have time and I’d rather focus on finding unique keywords instead of writing or managing writers.

THIS… This is what scaled my blog up to hundreds and hundreds of posts in no time. My mind is continuously blown away by this technology. Check it out. My keyword for my post on my niche pet supply site is: « how to go boating with your dog. » Look how easy this is.

I’ll let the A.I. generate my intro paragraph for me. Let’s use this one. Perfect. I’m switching over to power mode right up here. Look at all these incredible tools, there’s so many use cases but I’m just focussing on blog growth. OK, let’s choose Blog Post Outline.

Perfect, I have 6 nicely packaged ideas here for sub content headlines. I’ll just paste them here on my document. Next, I’m going to switch to Paragraph Generator. One by one, I’ll create a nice meaty paragraph or two for each of these sub headlines.

All you have to do is click on this Generate AI content button and let the magic happen. Perfect. I’m going to copy and paste this over in my document. Look how it comes to life so quickly. Let’s get through the rest of these headlines and paragraphs.

I’m already up to almost 900 words in just a few minutes. Let’s wrap this up with a nice conclusion. Excellent. Let’s get this conclusion in the post. Look at this. I’m amazed while making this video. Ok, now we can bulk up some of these paragraphs automatically to get us to 1000 words.

It’s actually more than 1000 now. I’m even going to use this SEO feature to generate SEO friendly titles and meta descriptions. I can’t go on about how much time this is saving me. Ok, let’s get a nice title and sub heading in here and wrap this article up.

Guys now this is the best part. I’m going to check for plagiarism. You’re not going to believe your eyes. Look at this! 100% unique. Can you believe it? Listen, we have a special just for our viewers to claim 10,000 free credits.

Hit the link in the video and claim your credits and try this out for yourself, it will change your life forever.

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