ARRÊTEZ de promouvoir Go CRM de haut niveau | Examen de haut niveau Honest Go

ARRÊTEZ de promouvoir Go CRM de haut niveau | Examen de haut niveau Honest Go [GET]Mon cours SaaS de haut niveau GRATUIT + modèles quand …

Well this is a tough video to make and um probably  going to get reprimanded for making this video   since i am an affiliate for go high level and they  don’t necessarily like you making these types of  

Videos but i feel like this is something that  needs to be said and if you’re in the go high   level community and you’re kind of wondering  what’s the next step that you should take   um i think this is an important message for  all of you to hear so basically for those  

Of you guys who are kind of unfamiliar with the  whole go high level community and world they are   a software platform for marketing agencies  they help other businesses with their marketing   their lead generation and they pay out a very  generous commission to all affiliates of 40  

On a monthly recurring basis and then anyone  that you sign up i have what those are called   tier 2 affiliates and they pay five percent on  the people that they sign up and so it can be a   very lucrative affiliate commission structure if  you’re kind of going more of that affiliate route  

And over the last eight to ten weeks  i’ve been able to get nearly 300 people   signing up under my affiliate link for the  go high level platform where i’m going to   get paid 40 recurring commission for all those  people so you might look at that and like wait  

Why would you say stop promoting go high  level well the truth is and this is something   that you need to hear if you’re considering  getting into the affiliate marketing world   and promoting go high level is they just recently  released a new software update called sas mode and  

If you don’t already have a following of marketing  agency owners i highly recommend do not start here   do not start with affiliate marketing if you have  an existing audience let’s say it’s in real estate  

Or mortgage or dental or insurance or whatever it  is it’s going to be way more lucrative for you and   your business to white label their entire software  platform under their new sas mode for just 497  

And then from there you could charge 200 300 500  per month for every new client that you bring on   and you make 100 commission now  let’s compare that 100 commission   versus 40 commission what would you rather have  and on top of that you can choose the price points  

So where someone like me who i’ve been promoting  the go high level platform and i’ve got this very   lucrative affiliate commission structure  where if someone goes through and signs up   and they pay 4.97 a month i’m making 40 of that  every single month month in a month out but if you  

White label the platform you can make 100 of that  497 cover your sas cost 100 in the second third   fourth fifth client that you bring on that’s all  100 profit to your business so if you already have   an existing following in one of these specific  industries that you can go through and serve  

With the go high level platform do not promote  go high level as an affiliate and if you’re brand   new to this whole world and you’re like oh man  that affiliate structure seems really nice maybe   when you go through and start promoting go high  level do not promote go high level go through and  

Identify a market a an industry that you can go  through and serve with the go high level platform   get a go high level account white label the entire  platform and reap 100 of the benefits of running  

Your own business for just a fraction of the  cost of what it typically costs to run a software   company or just any traditional business so here’s  the deal if you’re looking to start and grow your   own business and start making money online some  real serious money here is the exact format  

That people before you years ago did not have and  you have at your fingertips and this is probably   the biggest opportunity that has happened in  over a decade so what you want to do right now is   identify one specific industry or niche that you  can go through and serve whether it be restaurants  

Chiropractors massage therapists real estate  agents mortgage brokers doesn’t matter what it is   but you’re going to go through and help these  small local businesses get more clients then   step number two what you’re going to do is you’re  going to white label the go high level platform  

And if you’re just getting started maybe just go  through and get started with the 297 per month   plan get your website your funnels your business  all completely set up and then once you get your   first client that’s able to cover that 297 dollars  per month then you can upgrade to the 497 dollar  

Per month sas mode and then at that point you  can bring on as many new customers as you want   and the best part about all this is you can have  the software technology do 100 of the fulfillment  

For you so you’re not spending hours a day  setting up ads for clients just leverage the   technology that’s already on the platform and  let that take care of all the fulfillment for   you you might be thinking yourself well i don’t  know how to go through and set up a new client  

I don’t know how to go through and use the tools  so how i can go through and support these clients   well the cool thing is is what they did when they  released sas mode is they released a white label  

Sas setup for just 100 so basically all you have  to do let’s say you pick the real estate niche get   a real estate client tell them about the services  that you’re going to provide to help them get   more leads more appointments more customers for  their business and then have the white labeled  

Sas setup team take care of all the setup for you  from a to z and then matt disano in the group as   well as i know a lot of others they offer white  label support in a little chat widget that they  

Can respond to all of your customers all of your  clients questions in the chat so at this point   guys you literally need zero experience to get  started zero technical skills all you have to do   is network with people in a specific industry find  about what their pain points are and how you can  

Help them and let me give you a little hint every  local business needs more leads and more clients   so if you’re speaking to them saying i’m going to  help you get more leads and more clients for your  

Business and we’ve got all these cool tools you  know and the truth is they don’t really care about   the tools and what you’re going to do all they  care about is the end result of getting more leads  

And more clients so you go through sell them on  it get a package put together at a specific price   point for your market and then have the go high  level white label sas onboarding team take care  

Of all the onboard and all the setup for you a to  z for just 100 and then go pay 200 dollars to matt   disano or somebody else in the group i know a lot  of people offer this and they can take care of all  

Of the white label support fulfillment for your  business so this point all you have to focus on   is networking with more people in that specific  industry bringing on new clients and you make 100   of the commissions of the revenues  you’re bringing in for your business  

Minus the initial 497 dollars to upgrade and white  label the entire go high level platform for your   business so there it is guys it’s out there i said  it um if you need help with any of these things if  

You’re wondering how do i actually go through and  get my first clients go through and click the link   right down below this video in the description  as well as in the top comment upgrade to that  

Sas mode the 497 dollar plan and i will give  you guys my sales funnels that i personally use   to get over 15 000 real estate clients for my own  software company these are proven templates that i  

Know work and i’ll be able to go through and coach  you through and give you specific strategies that   i know work and i know there’s a lot of people in  the group that go and charge thousands of dollars  

To get this sas coaching but honestly at the end  of the day guys i’m an open book i love to share   all my strategies that have worked i have been  through the grind i want to save you and investing  

Your hard-earned money and tactics and strategies  just don’t work and so for everyone that signs up   under my link i will help you i will help you get  your first clients i will help you go through and  

Scale your business i will go through and show  you different funnels to add on after the initial   funnels to have bring even more clients and i’ll  break down an email marketing promotion plan   i’ll show you everything a to z how to create a  bigger email list so you can maximize the revenue  

And maximize the number of sas clients you are  bringing on to your white label go high level   platform so anyway guys i hope this video was  helpful if it was go ahead smash that like button  

If you’re brand new here my name is jason wardrop  i release new videos every single week on how you   can generate more leads make more money and grow  your business so make sure you subscribe hit that   notification bell we’re really shooting to get  that 100k mark we’re very close i know we’re going  

To be hitting it pretty soon so do you guys want  to be with me as a part of this whole journey make   sure you subscribe hit that notification bell and  sign up for the go high level white labeled sas  

Platform if you want my personal coaching and help  to go through and scale your own sas business so   with that said guys thanks so much for  watching and i will see you in the next video

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