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Hey jim parr here and we’re going to walk through high level because a lot of things have changed for 2022 and so we’re going to do a go high level review and show you what this software can do for your business and for your agency and it is

Incredible what it can do but before we get started hit that subscribe button if you want to get my other videos and hit that bell notification if you want to get notified of new videos coming in because i do a lot of marketing and teach over 400 marketing agencies

Worldwide on getting started so i’ve got a lot of great content uh and stay till the end because i’m going to show you how to get a free academy on high level and really to be able to launch your business or your agency to the next level so let’s dive into

What high level is so we’re in high level and one thing that we’re offering right now with the link below is a 14-day free trial uh but i’m gonna give you some incredible value at the end because i’m going to show you an academy that we actually built in high level

And it’s our high level master class and you can get it for one dollar per month if uh you stay till the end here and see what we’ve got to offer so let’s dive in we’ve uh you know there’s 15 000 plus agencies over a half a million businesses

Using this software in their business some way and the thing is i’m going to show you because sometimes it will not look like high level because what some of us do is we go in and you can white label this software and use it for your business or you can

Use it as what we call a software as a service and resell it to your clients which is incredible because that’s where you can really start to launch things but what it does it’ll build uh an agency engine for your business or your agency it’ll capture nurture and close those leads

And it does it fully automated so you can capture those new leads you can set them up as an appointment but before you set them up as an appointment you can qualify those leads i’ve got several businesses uh clients of mine that use this and this is one of

Them uh victorian performance and they use this they have uh the built-in chat into their website move this over into the new high-level wordpress hosting today actually so you can nurture your leads in in multiple channels sms for text messaging through emails through facebook instagram messenger

Uh voice drops like you sometimes get on the phone to remind people of a appointment coming up so it’s just a quick automated message that says hey we’re just calling to remind you of your appointment tomorrow so it’s auto generated it connects to the phone uh they’ve got all fully automated booking

With uh eliza now which is a new automation auto uh artificial intelligence and uh it’s incredible uh you can even create membership pages with this and i’m gonna show you those in in the back end of this in just a minute uh but you can close more deals because

Here’s what happens there’s a lot of stuff that’s not showing in this landing page but this will take over over 14 actually about 1600 worth of software per month and combine it into either uh uh 97 dollars a month which really you need to get the 297 a

Month but imagine getting rid of all these softwares and just using one software that’s what high level does for your business and agency so there’s two different options and in these options here i’m gonna tell you uh we’re offering our high level academy and i’m gonna show

You how we built this in high level uh if you get the 97 plan where our academy is only 497 if you get the 297 you get it for one dollar a month so let’s go into the back end and really show you what this is all about so if we go into

Uh our sproutified so this is high level on a white label looking deal we pay we started out at the 297 unlimited we started paying for itself in less than two weeks and then we upgraded into the 497 and we’re paying for that tenfold i can show you that just in our

Affiliates we’ve got uh over twenty seven hundred dollars uh that hasn’t even been paid to us yet and that that is just for one week so um it’s it’s very very profitable in the affiliate side but when we look at this i want to show you the the wordpress part of this

Because or the membership part because you can build some pretty awesome academies with this and so when you look at this we’ve got our products and when we go to all products we have our go high level master uh class which i just showed to you and this is what we’re offering so

There’s over i think there’s 30 28 modules in this one in particular but it goes through automation it goes through the setup it goes through mastering we even go into the foundation of marketing and advertising i’ve been doing this for over 20 years so uh this course is incredible and you can

Get it there’s a link below uh to be able to get that if you want to get the discount the uh basically the dollar uh per month you have to just send us a receipt that you purchased it under our link and if you want the 497 we give you 500 off

The normal program because so we’re giving you 500 off if you’re not a part of our affiliate group uh the uh you can get also get it for 9.97 but uh if you get the 97 a month hey you’re getting 500 bucks off so in the dashboard there’s so much you

Can do in the back end and i’m going to go over to this account and just kind of show you this is our sproutified and we have the option to deal with conversations that come in we can look at all our conversations that are coming in and answer them right away

In this platform if we want we can even look at a particular person and find out how they came in under our contact section we can see the history of this person the page that they visited the appointment that they booked uh you know where they came in from uh

Different we can even see that this one came through the chat widget in the website and communicated through that so we can get their information just by pulling this up and uh getting that information there so uh you can do so much with it in uh gathering the leads and also in the

Workflows this is really really where the the beauty of the automation comes in because when they set up a call we can go in and set up reminders so a confirmation email goes out right away when they book an appointment 24 hours before the appointment one hour before the appointment

And uh and we can even send this via email or text and uh then you can look at the history and see when it was executed when it went out and just to confirm and to make sure everybody’s flowing as they should be the new google my business miss call

Text back so somebody calls your local listing uh for your business or your agency they’ll actually get a text back if you miss the call to let that customer know that you’re going to get back with them there’s so much you can do with these workflows you can build hundreds of workflows

We have different things like different uh strategies uh when somebody uh we give people an opportunity and we give you an opportunity to do a one-on-one call with myself and we’ll do a one-on-one one-hour call with you to walk you through every step that you need in that one hour uh

Hopefully we can cover it in one hour but uh anything that you need help with we’re going to walk you through that and that’s included if you sign up below with our link but there’s really detailed marketing you can set up your email campaigns your sms campaigns quiz builder survey builders form builders

So if we look at a particular client intake this is an onboarding survey we have because we do a one-click on boarding so if we go into this we can look at it and this is slide one so when they fill out this information it goes to slide two

Uh we ask a few questions or time zone and then we can automate this in and set up an account for this individual very quickly without having to get on the phone and ask these questions and then all the information automatically goes into their account sets up their account

So there’s so much you can do with that you can do google ads reporting uh facebook reporting uh just about anything that you want to do so if we go into different ad groups we can look at different reviews that we’ve done uh impressions clicks the cost per click uh whatever it is

Uh you can do it with facebook ads and uh and you can also do it we don’t have any ad sets in here but even call reporting so if you had any missed calls um you could track all those missed calls you can set up your appointment reports

Uh so if your appointments come in they’re booked confirmed no show whatever it is we don’t use this particular calendar very much we use another one but it can book all your appointments in here and then when you click here it will show your appointments uh the other thing is building funnels

Very very quickly like uh i looked at a page the other day that i haven’t used from click funnels and let me just show you how quick we can bring it in so this was the page and i’m not even using the subscription to click funnels

But i can see it in the background but i cannot use this right now because my subscription is archived with click funnels but this is jimpar.clickfunnels.com if i want to go in here and i want to build that page or bring it in from click funnels i’m just going to uh

Take this i’m going to create a funnel i’m going to call this we’re going to add a new step here and all i’m going to do is call this gympar landing and then i’m going to take my clickfunnels url i’m going to drop it in here just confirm that that page belongs

To me it’s my name somebody was reselling the product for me through jvzoo but here i’ll create this funnel step and it takes a matter of minutes and if you saw this page back here you could see it back here but i couldn’t do anything with it

Because i don’t have click funnels right now but if i go back into here it’s already built this out and i can edit anything i want to now in this and you can see it’s the exact same page i can save this and then i can preview it

And it took me a matter of three minutes to clone my click funnels page and it brings me bring some video in you join me and everything and i’m gonna i’m gonna shut that off but you could see it brings the video in it brings everything in

And you can edit it very very quickly it’ll you can even see what it looks like on mobile and it looks great so there’s so much you can do with the software let me just say it pays for itself very very very quickly i haven’t even showed you half

Of what it can do and all i say is there’s some other videos that i’ve got that really dive into the primary things three primary things to use when you’re using the software to focus on so that you don’t get lost in the software but with my academy um get into my academy

Learn the software it’s very quick uh to do this the videos are short uh there’s like i said 28 modules in here if you do the 297 it’s a dollar a month if you do the 97 it’s just one time 497 and you’re gonna get going very quickly

Whatever plan you do i will do a one hour coaching call with you to help you set up your software to get it going to teach you the settings to teach you the back end so that you can scale your business or your agency very quickly

So again i appreciate it uh thanks for watching this video hope your 2022 is going great this year and uh look forward to a very abundant prosperous year for you thanks

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